J.D. Robb New York to Dallas Scavenger Hunt!

Howdy scavenger hunters! Welcome to the final clue! I know you’ve been all over the internet looking for clues, and I think I’m the last one. Huzzah! The end is in sight!

Not sure what in the name of pantalones I’m talking about? Go have a “like” at the JD Robb Facebook page. There’s a multi-blog scavenger hunt going on, and there’s prizes up for grabs, including cheesecake. And really, who wouldn’t scour the internet to win free cheesecake? And chili! There’s chili, too. Seriously.

Now I’m hungry.

So! It is my job now to Post the Clue. Are you ready for the CLUE? This clue will expire in 1 hour. After that time, your answers for the clue will not be valid.

In NEW YORK TO DALLAS, Eve and Roarke are in Dallas to catch a murderer so there is no time to relax.  But if Roarke had his way, he and Eve may visit this:


Post your answer to the scavenger hunt over at the Facebook page, not here! (That’d be why the comments are turned off, heh). Good luck and happy hunting!



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