Book Chats: Mistress by Marriage and An Unwilling Bride

An Unwilling Bride CoverAs you know, Bob, I selected An Unwilling Bride but then found out it was not being re-released digitally and couldn’t use it in the book club. Ruh roh!

But since this book is fascinating and somewhat controversial, I wanted to have a discussion about it. And, since I was going for the romangst this month, I selected Mistress by Marriage by Maggie Robinson. It’s romangst month here, y’all.

So let’s schedule some book chats!
First, the chat for An Unwilling Bride is a bit tricky since Jo Beverly has agreed to join us for the last half hour, and she’s in the UK. So! 3:00 pm EDT Thursday 29 September is the chat, here at the Hot Pink Palace of Bitchery.

Need a calendar reminder? Here you go:  0

But wait, there’s more!

Book Cover
The Sizzling Book Club Chat for Mistress by Marriage by Maggie Robinson will be held at 9:00 pm EDT on Tuesday 27 September.

Need a calendar reminder for that one? But of course!  0

I’m really looking forward to these discussions, and hope you can join us!


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  1. 1
    James Lynch says:

    Isn’t “Mistress by Marriage” an oxymoron?  Or does the heroine marry one person and become the mistress to another?

    For that matter, can anyone think of more oxymorons in romance novel titles?

  2. 2
    Chelsea says:

    Oh, ok! I was so confused by this, I have both books and couldn’t remember which I needed to read buy the end of the month! Both it is! Full weekend for me!

  3. 3
    Karenmc says:

    The Beverley chat, unfortunately, is in the middle of my work day. I may be able to sneak in for a little while.

  4. 4
    Kim says:

    I’ve been in a romangsty mood lately too, probably reflecting my admittedly angsty mood as of late.  Seriously, I think I may have gone from 29 to 15 in 2 weeks. 

    I read Never a Gentleman by Eileen Dreyer, and I liked it.

    However, it is about 100% on the angst meter, and I really hated the male lead most of the time because he doesn’t trust the female lead as much as I think he should, which causes problems (understatement).

  5. 5
    Kim says:

    Oh yeah, and then I read The Hidden Heart, and I can’t wait to read these two romangst gems for the chats.

  6. 6
    Dawn says:


    Nora Roberts had a whole series of oxymorons: Hot Ice, Carnal Innocence, Honest Illusions, etc.

  7. 7
    kellyjelly says:

    just to be totally superficial but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cover for An Unwilling Bride. I am a total sucker for wedding dresses.

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