Book Chat: An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverly

Ahoy! At 3pm today, Eastern time, this window will go live with the discussion of An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverly. This book can generate some strong feelings on the part of readers, so this promises to be a lively discussion. Jo Beverly will join us from the UK at 4pm ET to answer questions. I hope you’ll join in!


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    Emily says:

    For some reason I messed up the adjective ( I guess I do that a lot). I referred to a Dear Author post about the diminished heroine. Its the wrong adjective. The post in question was the Defeated Heroine.
    I felt just in giving up all of her principles, in getting married, in having things forced on her, in giving up her career, in allowing herself to be caught in a trap, allowing herself forced into marriage, into potentially having children when she didn’t want to, our heroine was defeated enough. The issues of violence only weaken her more.
    I really liked and respected the heroine when we met her. Why did she have to change all that, give it up against her will? I liked her just the way she was, and I felt like she was too much of a different person at the end for me to buy the happy ending.

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    bookstorecat says:

    @Emily. Interesting. I read this one so long ago, I don’t really remember my first impressions any more.

    I was glad to read the conversation because I loved the JoBev back in jr high/high school. It made me want to go back and revisit her books. I was sad to learn there’s no Hal&Blanche book out there. I always kind of wondered what happened to them.

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    Karenmc says:

    Oh, I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for the rest of the chat! Such interesting conversation.

    Sarah, you really need to read Forbidden and tell us what you think. The first time I read it I found the heroine’s behavior rather unsettling (and I quickly developed a hatred of the man who had messed her up so badly).

    A Darlene Marshall book – I’ve been wanting to try her.

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    Tam says:

    I always wished for a Hal and Blanche book, too, although I realized the impossibility of the two of them blending into society.  Courtesans did sometimes marry well (one of Harriette Wilson’‘s sisters married a duke, I think..?) but I suspect that it would have to be an exceptionally high marriage in order for them to be accepted.

    I always imagined the two of them heading for the New World and a new start.  I could see Hal and Blanche in the horse country of Virginia, Blanche cool in her white, with a small Hal running about in the fields.

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    Kaetrin says:

    wait! Francis is bisexual (in Forbidden)? how did I miss that??  Looks like I’m in for a re-read of the Rogues fairly soon. I love Nicholas so i’ll have to start at the beginning.  but I’ll be watching Francis a bit more closely now to pick up the clues I obviously missed.  Maybe I was just naive??  (Then again, up until recently I completely believed that Nicholas hadn’t gone all the way with Therese, right up until Jo Beverley herself told me (in a very nice way) that I was delusional. sigh.

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