Thanking the August Advertisers

Time to thank the August advertisers – thank you! These are the awesome folks who fund my Epic Postage Budget, hosting fees and various other projects. Without them, this site wouldn’t be as hot pink. I’ve also received email from people asking me to look up an advertisement from a previous month so they could buy the book they saw featured, so here are the advertisers in convenient entry format.

Thank you for advertising with us, and for everyone who has taken a look at the ads, thank you for supporting folks who want to reach romance readers directly!


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General Bitching...

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    Anony Miss says:

    SB Sarah, I think some of the links are off – clicking the “love bots” ad (oy vey) got me to the Carina Press site.

  2. 2

    Well, it was a tossup between advertising with you or putting my money in the Bob’s Seed and Feed Newsletter, but you won. 

    I have to say though, Bob was offering John Deere gimme caps so it was close.

  3. 3
    SB Sarah says:


    OK. I fixed it – thank you for letting me know! My bad!

    Love Bots link is here.

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