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HaBO-Thon: Cara, the Frenchman, and Her Best Friend

This request comes from Librarian Emily, who is searching for a book on behalf of a patron:

You are the experts, so I am coming to you. A patron asked me to find this
romance book. She doesn’t know the title or author.

This is all she has to go on: The main character’s name is Cara. She’s engaged to a Frenchman.
Her male best friend set her up with said Frenchman, but really the best
friend is in love with her.

I have googled this up one side & down the other
but I can’t seem to find it. I love this blog and due to your obvious love
of romance, I thought maybe, perhaps someone might know this book?

I realize this isn’t a lot to go on, so it’s probably a long shot.

That really is a tough one – anyone recall any Cara-ed heroines with French boyfriends and pining best friends?


Help a Bitch Out

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    boogenhagen says:

    Do we have any idear if this is historical or contemporary?

  2. 2
    Jennifer says:

    I think it’s by an author whose first name is Cynthia.  I think she wrote stuff in the 1980s and that some of her books were set in France and some in the U.S. (well, colonies) and that they usually took place in the 18th century.  Does that help?

  3. 3
    Librarian Emily says:

    Sorry this is so late- it’s been crazy at my work.  Thanks everyone for your help!  The patron came in a few days after she initially asked about this book to tell me she remembered that the heroine loves Diet Coke- She thinks Diet Coke can solve all problems.  It’s definitely contemporary.  For a hot second I thought she was talking about Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot- the plot line is sort of, kind of similar… vaguely… (especially the Diet Coke bit) but the patron knows the heroine’s name is Cara, spelled just like that, because that’s her name as well.  Also, she knows the Diet Coke thing because the patron also loves the Diet Coke. She also thought for sure it was hardback, though she said it was in our romance collection, which is exclusively paperback, so that might not mean anything.  I know this is hardly anything to go on, so any help or push in any direction would be helpful!  Thanks so much everyone!

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