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HaBO: Crazy Book in the Beach Cottage

This request comes from Anne, who clearly read one hell of a book.

I’m looking for a book I read about a year ago at a friend’s cottage. I
cannot for the life of me remember the title or the author, but I’d really
like to find it again.

So, it was a fairly recent book (I’d guess 5 years?).

The heroine has been kept under lock and key in a secret underground layer
by her parents after her sister is killed (possibly also a brother? There
was a bunch of sibling death) The book opens with her escaping and going to
a bar where she meets the hero who owns the bar. She is trying to complete
all the goals on a list her sister came up with before dying, which includes
things like getting very dunk and having sex (this leads to hilarity as the
heroine asks the hero, and any reasonably attractive male, if they will have
a one night stand with her).

The bar-tending hero takes her under his wing and decides to take care of
her even though he is definitely not even a little bit interested in her
because his last girlfriend was rich and also a bitch, therefore all rich
girls are bitches and should be avoided.

There is a second plot line involving undercover FBI agents (one of them
turns out to be the sister who didn’t die but went into witness protection)
and the bar-tender’s best friend.

The heroine also hires black kid on roller blades who tries to steal her
purse as her personal assistant, much to everyone’s confusion.
Anyways, I’ve tried googling all the bits I could remember without any luck
so I’m hoping the Bitchery will be able to help me out.

What a great plot device: a bucket list that includes getting drunk and getting it on! Anyone remember this book?


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Ben P says:

    Arrg! I read this last year 100% – I remembered the bit with the sister and you forgot to mention the dog. I know it… …I even think it’s part of a series.
    Arrrg! I’m certain it’s Silhouette Intimate Moments or Intrigue…. Will go through my collection… it must be here somewhere.

  2. 2
    Corey says:

    I totally want to read this one!. I hope some figures out the title!

  3. 3
    AngP says:

    I hope someone figures this out. I want to read.

  4. 4
    seton says:


    I strained my brain trying to remember this crap. The only part that sounded familiar was the black juvenile delinquent secretary on roller blades but really, how many crappy books with black juvenile delinquent secretary on roller blades could I possibly have read?

    The answer is only one: Wild Women by Michelle R Bardsley. Anne, you owe me. Big time.

  5. 5
    Barbara says:

    how many crappy books with black juvenile delinquent secretary on roller blades could I possibly have read?

    How many have been written might be a better question. lol

  6. 6
    MaryMary says:

    In case the other comment never shows up, here is the info without the direct book link:

    And for those that want to read this book – it’s at Fictionwise and there is a 40% off code at Fictionwise right now, too = 082611

    so it can be had for $3.00 in ebook format :)

  7. 7
    Morgan says:

    I immediately started reading this book after seton identified it. Almost done, because it’s pretty short. And also a pretty nuts. My favorite line so far:

    “It feels good. I’ve never felt this way. It’s all so amazing, but I feel like—well, I’ve read extensively on the subject of sex and I think what I’m looking for here is an orgasm.”

  8. 8

    Glad you found the source.  I am thinking of compiling a list of written Freudian slips and publishing it.  “Underground layer” will have to be on it along with “mother load” from another source.

  9. 9
    Deb Kinnard says:

    Methinks I’m in need of a good traddy romance book. When you posted “the bar-tending hero” my eyes read “the bra-tending hero.”

    Let’s hear it for bra-tenders!

  10. 10
    M Pony says:

    I am desperate to bring this gem into my life, but can’t find it for sale in the UK. Any suggestions?

  11. 11
    Kay Webb Harrison says:

    M Pony,


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