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Limecello is echoing her very successful Social Media for Social Good campaign from last year. This year her focus is the famine in the horn of Africa, where some 10 million people are in dire need of aid. Lime has selected Save the Children, and for every comment left at this entry, many authors and Lime herself have pledged a dollar per comment up to various amounts, so a comment means money is raised.

You can comment, pledge, donate, and spread the word – and I’ll confess, I didn’t have half as much information about this crisis until Lime contacted me.

Comments ONLY COUNT at Lime’s entry, not over here, so please don’t comment here if you’re leaving words to help!


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    I follow Lime on Twitter and she’s the best.  I’m gonna comment on her site too, but wanted to chime in here to say that if you don’t follow both Limecello and Smart Bitches on Twitter you’re missing out big time.

    Limecello & Smart Bitches are 2 of the most important “follows” in the Twitterverse!

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    Thanks to share your nice informative information in this blog site thanks to share it.

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    I’ll have to check out Limecello’s social feeds.

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    asthmanet says:

    I follow Lime on Twitter too )

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