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HaBO: An Old Harlequin Series

N. is looking for this series, which she read about 15 years ago.

There is a Harlequin series (can’t remember which one) book I’d love to
revisit, if the Bitchery can help out. I’d guess about 15 years old?

The heroine has a problem father, I think with gambling issues. To save
daddy, she gets engaged to the bad brother of the hero and moves in with
both of them. But the lurve is too strong and the hero & heroine run away

As they are running away together, they have a car accident. The
evil brother dies in the accident, maybe? I think the hero gets one of those
magical amnesias where he cannot remember running away with her, but
remembers everything else.

There is a love scene where he somehow uses her silk robe to tie her/control
her? I know that was the closest I read to a bondage scene at the time, even
though it really wasn’t.

Hot bondage with a silk robe tie?! Boo yah! Anyone recall this book?


Help a Bitch Out

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    boogenhagen says:

    The book your looking for sounds like A Forgotten Magic by Kathleen O’Brien and it is a Harlequin Presents.

    The heroine was forced to become engaged to the hero’s brother when the brother gave her father money to gamble and then was going to let him go to prison over it.  The heroine falls in love with the hero and then they have a car accident caused by the brother,  but the hero doesn’t remember and thinks she is a gold digger.

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    That’s it! Yay! Thanks, boogenhagen.

    I feel it incumbent on me to point out it was not actual bondage by any definition. It was just enough like bondage for me to realize that that kind of thing might be the kind of thing I like.

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