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For those of you who are missing NYC this week, here- have Neil Patrick Harris’ Tony Awards opening number, submitted by E.D.


Have a glitzy, neon-lights, bright like daylight at 2am, kind of weekend!


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Laura (in PA) says:

    THAT was awesome.

  2. 2
    ChrIsty says:

    Not to mention fabulous!

  3. 3
    Sarah W says:


    It’s always slightly surprising to me to see that NPH has serious singing talent, even though I know he’s been on Broadway for years—- I knew him when he was a teen heartthrob!

  4. 4
    Jennie says:

    You realize that the next video is the duet with Hugh Jackman. I’ve just been replaying the both of them over and over. :)

  5. 5
    Julie says:

    You can always count on Neil Patrick Harris to make you laugh out loud.  I hadn’t seen this.  Thank you so much for posting it.  Started my day out wonderfully!

  6. 6
    Chelsea says:

    Aww, I <3 NPH!

  7. 7

    *wild applause* NPH is so full of win :-)

  8. 8

    That was FREAKING awesome!

  9. 9
    Teri Crosby says:

    Oh that was great!

  10. 10
    H. Vert says:

    That was soooo cuuute!  I must share it with my friends!  Lol!

  11. 11
    E.D. Walker says:

    Yay, my suggestion is an official Friday video now! Whee! :)

    For anyone who liked this the duet with Hugh Jackman and NPH is also quite good:

  12. 12
    cleo says:

    Can I just say that I totally misread the ad next to the video as “make him gay” instead of “make him pay”.

  13. 13

    Lucky people who live close enough to go to the theater! We get the occasional road company in Portland (I missed Billy Elliott—just came through), but nothing like this! What a spectacular performance—is there nothing that little Doogie Houser can’t do? Who’d have dreamed NPH would go on to such a multi-talented career. I adore him.

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