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SBTB and DA Bestsellers: 31 May - 7 June 2011

Jane and I are back again with our tabulation of this past week’s bestsellers, calculated using the order reports from our affiliate programs.

Jane’s commentary: “I think the $.99 price of Courtney Milan’s book is what giving the story staying power on the list.  Grace Burrowes and Susanna Kearsley’s stories are part of Amazon’s Sunshine deals.”

What are you trying to say, there, J? We like bargains and sales? Heh. I should say we do. Books that are avidly recommended all over the place, too, I think.

  1. Unlocked by Courtney Milan
  2. Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey
  3. Captives of the Night by Loretta Chase
  4. Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer
  5. Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley
  6. Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn
  7. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
  8. Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
  9. Soldier by Grace Burrowes
  10. Scoring Lacey by Jenna Howard

So, what did you buy this past week that rocked your socks off?



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  1. 1
    Overquoted says:

    Magic Slays. WOO! I’ve been resisting the urge to reread it already. I reread book four before it, too.

  2. 2
    Yammie says:

    Went looking for the Courtney Milan and -being European- could NOT find a website that would sell it ‘in my region’. Screw you internet gods. So I went for Julia Quinn instead. And I am sooooo glad I did. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I loved it! I see what you meant about the story lacking the usual JQ spark, but all in all, I enjoyed it very much. Loved the idea of the red shoes. Oh, and!!!! I totally adored the lovely female girlfriend-y vibe that was in the book. Very few authors can successfully pull off a believable circle of friends, but JQ managed it fantastically. Am eagerly awaiting her next.

  3. 3
    sugarless says:

    I spent most of this week in the hospital after an adventure involving a milkshake, an anti-biotic, and an ambulance. As soon as I was told I was going to be admitted, I sent someone home for my nook and the charger, and THANK GOD I did.

    Just Like Heaven bu Julia Quinn (love her, loved it) and Exclusively Yours kept me sane the first few days, then I decided to try out more Shannon Stacey, so I got Yours to Keep, before deciding I’d spent enough money and starting on the pile of books on of my best friends rushed over as soon as he found out where I was. (His taste is pretty exclusively Sci-Fi, where mine’s not, but he lent me some of his favorites, so if I’m going to try out the genre, his picks were the way to go)

    (and I’m fine now, so no worries.)

  4. 4


    There are no geographical restrictions on my novella—none. That’s so odd. You should be able to get it at All Romance eBooks no matter what any other websites tell you. All my other works (sadly) have ragged worldwide availability, but the novella should be available everywhere. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but if you do, would you mind e-mailing me and telling me where you couldn’t get it, so I can make sure they fix whatever it is that they’re doing wrong?

    I loved the new Julia Quinn, too. It made me laugh out loud.

    And Shannon Stacey is now one of my new auto-buy authors on the basis of that book.

  5. 5
    Vicki says:

    I bought the Grand Sophy for my daughter’s kindle so she will have something to read on her upcoming trip. I have just finished The Lady Most Likely, co-written by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway. I loved it. The plot is an earl looking for a wife. His sister throws a lavish house party, hoping he will find the right person there. There are three candidates and, one by one, we get their stories as they meet and fall in love, though not necessarily with our eager earl. It was a lot of fun. And well written, good grammar, complete sentences, etc. There were a couple of places where modern slang intruded but I was able to suspend disbelief.

  6. 6
    Donna says:

    “Dragon Bound” by Thea Harrison. Picked it up because of the Nalini Singh blurb on the cover, and she was so right. It was AWESOME.

  7. 7
    JacquiC says:

    I bought Addicted to You by Bethany Kane, which I really really liked.  It was reviewed at smexybooks, I think, and described in the review as EROTIC (with capital letters).  I’d have to agree with that description, but I liked the story as well.

  8. 8
    Sycorax says:

    Kiss of Snow, which I loved. I would like to see Nalini Singh write a beta hero, but I think that’s asking too much.

    I also pre-ordered the ebook of Sarah Rees Brennan’s Demon’s Surrender , which I’m pretty excited about.

  9. 9

    Excellent!!  Great Deal.I’m also exciting about this.. :-)

  10. 10
    Elisabeth Rodrigues says:


    Try getting Unlocked through  I tried last week from Portugal and it was available instantly.

    Really nice story, hope you manage.

  11. 11
    karalee says:

    I bought “Rock Hard” by Oivia Cunning from the Amazon Summer Sale.  Well, it was the second book in a series called “Sinners on Tour” .  So, gullible me buys the first one, “Backstage Pass”.

    So glad I did!  These books are a hot, fun, rockin’ good time!  I greedily polished off both books in a single weekend.  Highly recommended!

  12. 12
    peggy n foster says:

    “Breaking Bear” by Scottie Blaine set my socks on fire.  After I jumped around an stomped the flames out, I hopped on the back of a crazy Arabian gelding and rode for an hour just to get the feeling back in my feet :)


  13. 13
    Karin says:

    I actually didn’t buy this, but borrowed it from the library, “Vienna Waltz” by Teresa Grant. Fabulous book. It’s a prequel to her previous books, which were written under the name of Tracy Grant. Napoleonic/Regency era spy couple with added romance.

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