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First: Zoe Archer wrote this thoughtful entry about romance and feminism:

Romance novels depict the emotional lives of women and men.  The books aren’t merely the heroine’s journey toward love, but the hero’s journey, as well.  Men’s emotions aren’t dismissed or suppressed.  Men aren’t belittled for having feelings.  Often, it’s the hero’s growing level of comfort and familiarity with emotion that forms one of the central elements to a romance novel.  And this openness and acceptance with love actually makes the hero stronger, not weaker. 

Over at Kirkus, my most recent column is up. I’m talking about when the sex comes (heh) to early in a romance novel, referencing Vanessa Kelly’s My Favorite Countess, which I so very very much wanted to like, but unfortunately did not.

You like sales, right? Yes. Me, too. Thank you to Jane at DearAuthor for formatting and sharing this hella-list of books on sale at BN/Nook and at Amazon/Kindle stores.

$1.99 titles


$2.99 titles


$4.99 titles

From Hachette:


From Samhain (Free)


The Link-O-Lator

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  1. 1
    Jen G. says:

    Hurrah for sales!  I just got a Kindle, and I’m trying to cut back on book buying because, despite my normal frugality, my book expenditures are now approximately the same as my monthly rent.  But if it was a book you wanted any way, and it’s more than 1/2 off, it doesn’t count, right?  RIGHT?

  2. 2
    Kristin says:

    Oooooh, cheap books and free books, you’ve made my day!

    Of to read your Kirkus column.

  3. 3
    Kerry Allen says:

    I toss a lot of books when throbbing dicks and weeping vags turn up in Chapter One. Nothing like barely being introduced to someone before being regaled with the details of their bodily functions. Creepy, not sexy.

    I know the hero’s boner is a dowsing rod leading him to the mythical Magic Hooha of Twue Wuv, but it should involve more of a quest than “Once upon a time, I tripped over my shoelace, my turgid pleasure rod fell into her glistening honey hole, and we lived happily ever after. On to page two!”

  4. 4
    Alex says:

    Oh how annoying – Whisper Falls isn’t available in the UK on Kindle.  Grrr.

  5. 5
    Miranda says:

    When I last checked (yesterday) Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion was at 0.00 for Kindle.

  6. 6
    Helly says:

    Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion was at 0.00

    It still is – and I snapped it up. Thanks for the tip!

  7. 7
    MoniqueReads says:

    I wanted to thank you for including the link for the Nook versions.  As Nook owner, I always appreciate it when bloggers remember there are other ereaders out there besides the Kindle.

  8. 8

    Alas!! *Holds hand to forehead in tragic manner*

    I’ve seen a list of the sales at Amazon. Now there’s a list of the sales at B&N. But…I have a Sony Reader.  Someday that & the economy will change. The biggest deals seem to live at Amazon so the Kindle owners get all the best bargains esp. since Amazon will sometimes lose money to undercut competitors. (Gaga, anyone?)

    In the meantime, can anyone help a bitch out w/a list of sales on the good stuff at the Sony Store?

  9. 9
    Helene says:

    Mary Anne – does the Sony Reader work with epub? I have a Kobo, but buy a lot of books at Amazon and convert them into epub so I can read them both on my pc (via Kindle for pc) and on my kobo e-reader.

  10. 10
    LG says:

    FYI, Cotillion is available for free on All Romance, too.

    I’m kind of confused as to why the Samhain books being offered for free aren’t free on the Samhain website. You’d think if both Amazon and B&N were offering them for free at the same time, so would Samhain.

  11. 11
    Lynnd says:

    Hi Mary Anne:

    I noticed that Sony also had many of these books on sale yesterday (at least for U.S. customers).  I’m in Canada so most of the books listed aren’t on sale for us anywhere :( – (a few are and i was able to pick up two at Amazon that I’ve had my eye on).

    Cotillion is free at Kobo (in Canada) as well.

    Happy shopping.

  12. 12
    Carin says:

    Mary Anne and other Sony/Kobo friends – If you click on the link to Dear Author and find Jane’s midday links post from yesterday, she posted links to Kobo and Sony books after readers complained about not having them.  A ton of work on her part, but I’m thankful for it, Sony reader that I am.

  13. 13
    Miranda says:

    Heyer’s The Grand Sophy is at 1.99 for Kindle.

  14. 14
    Kelly Bishop says:

    Desiree by Annemarie Selinko is currently $1.99 for Kindle.

  15. 15

    @Helene:  How does the conversion work? Sony does use epub. It’s my drean that one day they all will. I have the Kindle for PC but can you tell me how you convert the Mobi file from Amazon and get it from your Kindle for PC program to your Reader? 

    Thanks to Lynnd for pointing out the sales at Sony – I’m used to things costing a little more there! Also, thanks to Carin for pointing out the midday link.  Big Thanks to Jane for that help!

  16. 16
    SusannaG says:

    I saw several Georgette Heyers for under $3.00 for Kindle…

  17. 17
    LG says:

    @Mary Anne Graham – I’m guessing that conversion involves stripping the DRM and then converting using a program like calibre (which I love and which has saved my butt with three recent e-book buying mistakes).

  18. 18
    Katherine C. says:

    First of all, “Once upon a time, I tripped over my shoelace, my turgid pleasure rod fell into her glistening honey hole, and we lived happily ever after. On to page two!” made me snort with laughter at the end of a looong night at work, so thank you very much Kerry. Second, I totally feel your pain Mary Anne, and thanks ladies for the quick responses — can’t wait to look some of those up.

  19. 19
    Helene says:

    @Mary Anne Graham:

    It is like LG says – you have to strip the DRM. I started doing that on all my books a long time ago, when the DRM malfunctioned and I kept having to remove and add books to my reader in order to be able to read them. Very annoying.

    Here is a link to a site where you can download instructions on how to install python script to de-DRM:

    (You need to download a previous version of Kindle for PC for it to work, but then it is pretty simple.)

    I then use Calibre for the conversion and I store all my e-books in the Calibre library. It is very easy to use to add books to your device. I have bought e-books from Fictionwise in pdb-format and converted them to epub too, but that is another method.

    Had all books I wanted to read been available as epub and the DRM worked as intended, I would not have had to resort to this. The DRM does not stop people who in an unlawful way distribute copyrighted material, but instead makes life difficult for the everyday happy e-book reader. But, enough of that.

  20. 20
    A says:

    Awesome list of sale books! BTW, B&N’s nookbooks should work on any reader with epub capability, as far as I know.

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