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ETA 6/13/11: I have updated information and a new link to share about LA Banks’ illness. A donation site has been set up for Leslie Esdaile/LA Banks that states she is suffering from late-stage adrenal cancer. The donation site has additional links should you be interested in donating, as well as a guest book for messages. Kick cancer’s ass, Leslie. Kick it hard.

Last Labor Day, I was one of the panelists for Heather Graham’s Writers for New Orleans weekend with Kayla Perrin, JA Konrath, and LA Banks. Let me tell you, it is not a good thing for Perrin and Banks to be on the same panel because they are hilarious. And I’ve said this before, but if you haven’t heard LA Banks’ “the Call” story, it is epic in its humor and its inspiration.

So I’m incredibly sad to read that, via a Facebook post from Tina Wise, Banks is “gravely ill.” She has been in the hospital since late May, according to this event cancellation notice, which is not a good sign, really. The longer you’re there, the worse it can get, in my experience.

I’m reposting the entire message in case you are not on Facebook:

It is with profound sadness that we have to inform you that our beloved sister and friend, Leslie Esdaile, (“L.A. Banks”) is most gravely ill. She is facing an uphill battle in her struggle with serious illness.  Please know that as Leslie needs all of her energy in this fight, she is absolutely not able to receive visitors, answer emails, texts or phone calls, or receive flowers. What she is able to receive is your continued prayers.
Also, Leslie’s medical expenses are mounting at an astronomical rate. If you wish to assist Leslie, a fund has been established to help with these ever increasing expenses.  If you wish to send donations (please note that donations are not tax-deductible) to help Leslie, please see the information listed below:
Leslie Esdaile Fund
Account #81538801
Police and Fire Federal Credit Union
Operations Center
901 Arch Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2404

You may send good wishes and cards to*:
Leslie Esdaile
c/o Tina Ryan Wise
P.O. Box 37189
Philadelphia, PA 19148-9998
On behalf of Leslie, her daughter Helena, her sister Liza and all of her family and friends, we sincerely thank you for all of your continued prayers and support.
Tina Ryan Wise

It seems that Banks is the type of author who touches a lot of people’s lives in very different ways, because I received email about Banks’ illness and this Facebook post from a variety of different people who worked with, edited, or are avid fans of her books. I know Banks rocked my world last fall, and getting to know her and her daughter Helena in New Orleans made the weekend 243% better. I am more sorry than I can say to hear this news.

Her family is requesting that the nature of her illness not be divulged, per this Facebook conversation.

I hope that, whatever is ailing her, she kicks its ass most soundly, and soon.



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  1. 1
    P.N. Elrod says:

    Thank you so much for getting the word out.

    Colleague Rachel Caine is looking into setting up a fund raiser to help the family with the medical bills. You’ll hear from one of the other of us on developments for this.

    For those who also love Leslie and her books, blog, tweet, do FB posts and pass the word along. She needs our help.

  2. 2
    saltwaterknitter says:

    Oh no, this is such bad news!

        I love her books and her characters SO MUCH. I don’t know her personally, but I have such respect for the mind behind the books. They are so creative, amazing, unusual and flat out cool. I especially love the kickass female characters and the female friendships. They also have really mature, interesting, complicated spiritual lives. It’s one of my favorite aspects of the Huntress series. And of course, there’s Carlos. He is just so freaking hot. Which is shallow and not important now, but ohmyword is he hot. L.A. Banks is a wonderful writer and one of my few auto-buys.

        I will pray, of course, and keep checking SBTB for ways to help.

  3. 3
    Silver James says:

    Oh doubledamnhell that’s awful news. I was lucky enough to be in the audience at that presentation in New Orleans and then later, at the end of the conference, Leslie and Helena were in my group on the Ghost Tour. She is vivacious, funny, sweet, tender, and tough as nails with enough faith to fill a cathedral. My prayers to her and her family. P.N. and Sarah, please keep us posted on the various ways we can support Leslie.

  4. 4

    I was on a panel with Leslie at DragonCon a few years ago, and it’s about the most fun I’ve ever had talking about werewolves, ever.

    So sad to hear this.  Will look for more news.

  5. 5
    Raven Hart says:

    I am so saddened to hear that Leslie is ill. She’s been incredibly generous to me and other writers. Here’s hoping for a full recovery soon.

  6. 6
    EbonyMcKenna says:

    What awful news. I have no doubt the romance and reading community will rally like crazy rally monkeys to help her punch cancer in the throat.

  7. 7
    Jennifer Armintrout says:

    This just breaks my heart. I don’t know her personally, but she once very kindly intimidated a man into not stealing my chair at Pittsburgh RT. After that, I felt morally obligated to read her books, and I was not disappointed. I’m so saddened to hear about her illness.

  8. 8
    Pattie says:

    I had the pleasure of spending time with Leslie last year when she presented a workshop for the Pocono Lehigh Romance Wrtiers chapter in Bethlehem. Smart, funny, kind, talented writer & she loved the pics of my grandson! I hope to be able to show her more current pics of him soon.

    There’s an online auction; proceeds from it will help with Leslie’s medical costs. It will start soon.

  9. 9

    My prayers and thoughts are with her family, loved ones & colleagues. The reading/writing/reviewing community is with her & is hoping for only the best!

  10. 10
    KiriD79 says:

    I just found out via another author’s blog, that Ms. Banks has been diagnosed with Adrenal Gland Cancer.  There are some funds set up to help with the medical bills.

    The note, from Brian, is on the first page today, second entry I think.  He has the links to the funds.

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