Friday Videos Take the Freaking Paper

From Jennifer Lohmann, Librarian of Awesome, comes this video, which is so funny I watched it twice and laughed both times.


May your weekend be the type with flawless easy-share!


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Cathy B says:

    This gave me fits of the giggles. Especially the “f***king Lexmark piece of f***king sh**” comment.
    Mainly because earlier on today I made the exact same comment, except subsituting “Sony Ericsson”  for Lexmark, while throwing my mobile phone at the salesman who sold it to me and challenging him to get my $800 phone to stay on. For. More. Than. 5. Freaking. Seconds.

  2. 2
    Jessica E says:

    Having battled more than my fair share of printers at work I can completely relate.  Plus that calico reminds me of my now deceased calico.  So cute!

    Cathy, 5 seconds?  I’m amazed that you didn’t do more than simply throw the phone and curse.  I would have been incensed if I had an $800 phone that wasn’t working.  Heck, I was ticked when my free phone didn’t have some of the basic features that have been around forever on cell phones, like auto-capitalization for the first letter of each sentence.  Urgh.

  3. 3
    ghn says:

    Ah, the joys of technology!

    Hm. Possible37 – the art of the possible – or the impossible?

  4. 4
    Silver James says:

    Okay. I laughed so hard the dogs came running, fearing I was having a fit, or was mad, or mad at them, as the case may be. The cat? She sat there on top of my printer, unblinking stare, as if to say, “Humans. Only good for putting food in my dish and pets.”

    Ha! Spam word: had94 Yes, I had 94 belly laughs over this!

  5. 5
    KiriD79 says:

    Genius, pure Genius!  I have so been there.  I love the end “ohh” cat’s gone!

  6. 6
    MissFiFi says:

    Who’s a killer?
    And this is why cats are awesome pets and predators. Not only will they kill bugs or snakes, they will even attack the immobile machines and human activated string across the floor.

  7. 7
    Donna says:

    I guess you’d have had to be here last week to understand why my office mates are peeing themselves laughing right now. “OMG that’s you with a british accent!” should about cover it.

  8. 8
    Lynn S. says:

    Too funny, and if that don’t work you can always piss on it.

    I’d better not let my cat see this.  He has enough bad ideas on his own.

  9. 9

    That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. 10
    PJ DEAN says:

    Is that the voice of rockin’ Ricky Gervais?

  11. 11
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