Friday Videos Love Australia and Canvas Bags

This video was linked from the Axis of Awesome video, and it is hilarribus. Every PSA needs a wind machine.

Link? Link!

Australia, I have a total crush on you today. More than usual, I mean. Take your canvas bags this weekend!



Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Gwynnyd says:

    I <3 Tim Minchin. Thank you so much for that link.

  2. 2
    tee says:

    Ha @ the post for making bags into rags and the other girls have signs point to the ragmakers as sluts.  Also liked the yoga master and the inelastic old man.

  3. 3
    karen says:

    I think every PSA needs an accordion.

    If I forget my bags, I punish myself by buying the bags at the grocery store.  I have more grocery bags than shoes…

  4. 4
    Tamara Hogan says:

    OOh, I love Tim Minchin. So funny, and such a clever writer. If you have some time to kill today, go to YouTube and check out his love song, “Inflatable You” (NSFW), and his contribution to the Christmas musical canon, “White Wine in the Sun.”

    Why yes, he IS on my Top Ten “To Do” list!

  5. 5
    CarrieS says:

    If any one has been wondering what I looked like in college (and why would you?)  I looked exactly like that guy at the start of the video, only female, with longer hair, fatter, and not stoned, but confused enough to pass.  also, I’m pretty sure that’s my summer apartment, and I played guitar and not accordion (only 4 chords, but that’s all it takes!)

    captcha94:  I was late to class 94 times

  6. 6
    Sycorax says:

    At concerts he gets the entire audience singing that. It ends up stuck in your head for days. Along with those Tamara Hogan mentioned (White Wine in the Sun somes up my feelings about Christmas), Dark Side is also awesome.

  7. 7
    Mo says:

    My favorite Tim Minchin song is “If I Didn’t Have You,” as it completely encapsulates my feelings on “soulmates” and romantic relationships.

  8. 8
    Lexie says:

    Last year, I was stuck driving for hours in a location that got only one radio channel. I listened to a long interview with two documentarians(?) who had made a movie exposing the fish choking, turtles caught, etc as a huge fabrication. They even tracked back to the originator of the story. I stress much less now if I forget my own bags.

  9. 9

    I never forget my canvas bags. It’s a win-win situation – I’m caring for the environment and have a shopping trolly full of Lexxie Couper bags (c/ vistaprint of course) on view for all to see :)

    And Tim Minchin is brilliant. I agree with Sycorax and Tamara – White Wine Christmas is so damn good.

  10. 10
    PJ DEAN says:

    I could only think of Russell Brand and “African Child” from “Get Him to the Greek.”

  11. 11

    Tim Minchin is a genius. This is one of my favourites of his:

    The Taboo Song…and he wrote the music for the brilliant musical version of Matilda, which is just such fun.

  12. 12
    Flo says:

    Hey now I use those plastic bags!  My lunch bag, doggy poop bag, baby diaper bag, car corralers, etc.  If I had to use canvas bags there would be poo EVERYWHERE. :(

  13. 13
    Cathy B says:

    I love Tim Minchin. My very very fave episodes of Spicks and Specks are the ones where he is on.
    Oh, and Frank Woodley.
    And Merrick Watts.
    And Mechel Lawrie.
    Oh, OK, what the hell am I talking about, I just love Spicks and Specks. For those of you not in Oz, Download This Show.

  14. 14
    Tullae says:

    @ Cathy B – seconded.  Spicks and Specks rocks.  Also, the Gruen Transfer.  I would be downloading them if I wasn’t in Oz.  As it is I tend to watch on iView, rather than on TV.

  15. 15
    Wendy says:

    A very early Tim Minchin but still hilarious! You can buy him on ebay but if you can earlier this year he did a special with ABC (AU) and if you can get your hands on a copy watch it!

  16. 16

    Hi,Use the canvas bags as often as possible, and if you find you need a few plastic bags, forego the canvas for that trip to the store. The thing is you don’t want to have more bags then you need.

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