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Bestseller List for DA/SBTB, Week Ending 1 June 2011

This week’s bestseller list from DA/SBTB is not a surprise to anyone, least of all Jane or myself. I was asked recently at BEA if I thought that digital short fiction had an audience in the romance community. I believe my response was a nearly immediate: “Duh.” I am totally a novella fan now that I can download and read them anywhere I have a signal.

  1. Unlocked by Courtney Milan
  2. Captives of the Night by Loretta Chase
  3. Before the Witches: An Original Novella by Karina Cooper
  4. Kiss of Snow by Nalini Singh
  5. Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer
  6. The Countess’s Client by Alison Richardson
  7. Just Like Heaven by Julia Quinn
  8. Magic Slays by Ilona Andrews
  9. The Birthday Present by Alison Richardson
  10. Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley
  11. Gentleman Captain by JD Davies

So what books are you looking forward to this week? Have a good reading weekend? Personally, I love the “Oh, I just read a bunch of good books in a row” feeling – I had it this weekend after reading a novella and two novels. Sort of like being the perfect amount of full after a very good meal. Not too full, not still hungry. Just right. Hope you had it, too.



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  1. 1
    LG says:

    I’m just about to finish my very first Adrien English mystery (so good, but right now I’m to a part where I’m screaming at Adrien for being an idiot – I’ll read more once I cool down a bit), and I figure that Courtney Milan’s Unlocked will be next, along with the first Hunger Games book. I’ve also got two or three days to decide what I’m going to use my first All Romance free book code on. Hmm…

    I’m not a novella fan when it comes to paper reading. When it comes to e-reading, however, I have discovered I love novellas – they’re a cheaper, lower risk way for me to try out authors before taking the plunge and buying one of their books.

  2. 2
    Hannah says:

    I read Stork by Wendy Delsol over the weekend, which I was inspired to pick up because I got an eARC of the sequel, Frost, from Netgalley—and I’m already more than halfway done with that. The heroine’s voice is a little was-I-really-that-whiny-at-sixteen annoying at times, but other than that, they books have been great. The Norse mythology is particularly interesting to me.

    I’m waiting for a few books on pre-order that will be delivered tomorrow—Forgotten by Cat Patrick and The Bride by Julie Garwood (the latter is newly available on Kindle). I’m not sure what I’ll read next, though.

  3. 3
    Jen G. says:

    I read Unlocked.  Twice.  It made last night’s bout of insomnia so much more tolerable!  I’m also relatively new to the world of historicals, and just started reading Mary Balogh.  (Where has she been all my life?)  I spent the weekend tearing my way through the Bedwyn series.  *Swoon.*  I’m a bit depressed I only have Wulf’s story left, but really excited about reading it this week!  (Who am I kidding?  I’ll read it all tonight.)

  4. 4
    Donna says:

    Just finished Pamela Clare’s latest, “Breaking Point”, wherein she demonstrates once again that she’s not afraid to have characters sacrifice body parts in the name of a good story.

  5. 5
    Cät von J says:

    Just finished Lisa Kleypas “Smooth Talking Stranger” and start now Courtney Milan´s “Unlocked”. As kind of a side-dish I read “The Playboy Sheiks Virgin Stable Girl” because I totally couldn´t resist this title :P

  6. 6
    Miranda says:

    Working on a re-read of A Marked Man by Barbara Hamilton (Abigail Adams mystery). Next up No Wind of Blame by Georgette Heyer

  7. 7
    anniejay says:

    I’ve read Magic Slays three times since I got it through Kobo, and the third time was after reading the first book in the series. I love how Kate’s character and her relationship with Curran developed over time. I’m looking forward to the anthology Hexed, but alas, it’s not available yet for my region. DRM…grrrr.
    Meantime, I’m reading Connie Brockway’s A Dangerous Man. Spent years looking for the print version, and then I found the digital version last week. Yay!

  8. 8
    Kristyn says:

    I’m working on If He’s Wicked by Hannah Howell. So far, so good!

  9. 9
    SheaLuna says:

    I just finished reading Nalini Singh’s Bonds of Justice, which was really good.  I’m currently reading I Zombie I by Jack Wallen (for those of you who love a good zombie read) while I impatiently await the arrival of Alyssa Day’s Vampire’s in Atlantis (Which should hopefully arrive today!).  I’m also looking forward to reading Kathryn Brown’s Discovery at Rosehill which is a romance between a psychic and a priest (Anglican) set in an English village.  Apparently there are dark secrets involved! (Waggles eyebrows mysteriously.)

    I’m still reading paper, but now that I’ve got my Kindle I read at least twice as much as I used to.  And that was a LOT. lol

  10. 10
    SheaLuna says:

    Oh, I also agree with LG.  I don’t enjoy novellas (Or short stories, for that matter.) in paper form, but they are great to read on my Kindle.  I still prefer full length novels, but they’re a great way to try a new author or just have something quick to read.

  11. 11
    Pickle says:

    Just finished Unlocked and Magic Slays…..Loved them both.  Now I’m reading all the Courtney Milan novels…..gotta love interlibrary loan.  FInished Kalayna Price’s Once Bitten last night on Kindle for Mac and was about to read the second book in the series tonight, but……..all other reading will now stop because Karen Chance’s new Hunt the Moon just arrived.  SOOO many great books….so little time to read them.

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