What Ever Happened To: Terri Persons

Book Cover Helen writes in with a request to help her find a favorite author:

Do you ever do “what the heck happened to that awesome sauce author” posts?

I LOVED Terri Persons Psychic FBI series but can not for the life of me find out if she is ever going to have another release.

Her last book came out in 2009 and I can’t find a website for her. Can you help a bitch out???

Anyone know if Persons is writing under a new name, or has a new book coming out soon?


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    TaraL says:

    Well, I did find a site that said that Terri Persons was a pseudonym for Theresa Monsour, but the books released under that name ( Dark House, Cold Blood, Clean Cut) came out before the Persons books. I can’t google-ify anything later.

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    Elizabeth says:

    What we have here is clearly a case of a—*whips off sunglasses*—missing Persons.

    The US Copyright Office lists Theresa Monsour as a pseudonym for Theresa Persons.  If we assume that Theresa Persons and Terri Persons are the same author, she published two series of three books in close succession (Clean Cut—2003, Cold Blood—2004, Dark House—2005; and Blind Spot—2007, Blind Rage—2008, Blind Sight—2009).  So, if she follows that pattern, perhaps she’ll have the first book in a new trilogy out later this year or sometime next year?

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    SB Sarah says:

    What we have here is clearly a case of a—*whips off sunglasses*—missing Persons.



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    darlynne says:

    Elizabeth, well done!

    In general for what-ever-happened-to requests, would contacting the publisher accomplish anything? Supposedly they’ll forward letters to authors if they have current address information for them. I don’t know if they could fill in these blanks for us.

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    helen says:

    What’s strange is she has NO web presence. At least not that I can find. I did not know she had another pseudonym though so I will go check that series out. Thanks!

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    Judy Lauer says:

    Random House is still listing her (http://www.randomhouse.com/author/73010/terri-persons) so future books are possible.  If nothing else, an email to them?

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    Leigh says:

    She’s my second cousin, so I can 100% confirm that Theresa Monsour and Terri Persons are the same person. (Monsour is her maiden name and the name she used while worked for the St. Paul Pioneer Press.)

    I honestly have no idea if she’s writing a new book though, as I haven’t talked to her lately. I don’t know what her last contract was for. I should be seeing her next weekend though at a family event and I’ll see if I can get any news for you!

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