What Ever Happened To: Lori Herter

Book Cover I’ve received a number of queries this week asking if I knew the new pen name or the current status of an author whose books were very much enjoyed. I figured if anyone knows, it’s the Bitchery, so today I’m going to run a few “What Ever Happened To?” queries.

The first comes from author Alexis Harrington:

Back in the early ‘90s, before vampire books REALLY took off, there was a series written by an author using the name Lori Herter. These were great books, most especially the first one, OBSESSION. Three others followed and then it seemed that the author disappeared. I’ve searched the internet and have found only this series and a couple of other stragglers put out by Silhouette/Harlequin.

Does anyone out there know what happened to this writer? The books were copyrighted under Goddard and Kamin, Inc., so who knows?

Anyone know if Ms. Herter is still writing, perhaps under a new name?

ETA: I have news! I received this email from her list manager:

I just read “Whatever Happened To Lori Herter?” It was too late for me to
comment there so I wanted to say…Lori is alive and well and working on a
book. I’m the list “Mom” of her Yahoo group

We have been quiet while Lori writes and that’s mostly my fault. I should
be on there encouraging her and getting her other fans to do the same. Lori
is a sweet and dear person.

Her vampire love stories paved the way for all the others and to me none can
compare. If you would, please pass this information on with your readers here on your


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    Suzy says:

    just because I’m curious, I did a google on the Goddard & Kamin and found that a Peter Goddard & Phillip Kamin wrote a number of books together….. including a number of books on The Rolling Stones & The Police.



    and the search pulled up a number of other books written together… not fiction books. Perhaps any fiction books were also written under pseudonyms.

    Here is a list of books for Philip Kamin.

  2. 2
    liv says:

    This is probably something you’ve seen already, but this list—http://www.fictiondb.com/author/lori-herter~3458.htm— has a list of books written up to 2003. Hope someone can give you some more detail than that.

  3. 3
    FiaQ says:

    There is a Lori Herter fan club at Yahoo. Although it has 42 members, it seems dead, but perhaps you could get an answer from its archives (the most active period is 2002)?


  4. 4

    I did see the nonfiction rock books and I thought, wow, what a departure from what I read. Maybe these two thought they’d cash in on the romance market for a while, and then moved on.


  5. 5
    Sarah the Librarian says:

    The last mention I could find of her was on Jill Marie Landis’ blog way back in April 2007:

    Lori has just completed a new project and now her agent is shopping a novel about a woman who decides to follow her dreams and becomes entangled in the life of her fantasy hero–a handsome and talented Irish tenor. “To Wonderland” is the title Lori has chosen.

  6. 6
    Julia Nelson says:

    Lori is—or at least was—a member of my RWA chapter, but I haven’t seen her in a long time.

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