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From Carrie Lofty via Joelle Charbonneau comes this long but funny feature of author Bob Shea at the Texas Book Festival. As Carrie said, stick it out to the end because it’s giggle-worthy.


Have a weekend that’s full of DINOSAUR WINS!



Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    nekobawt says:

    oh man, i’m totally using that when i’m working on my friend’s house later.

    nekobawt versus the front door
    nekobawt wins~

    seriously, though? intricately carved wood paneling can BITE ME.

  2. 2
    Alpha Lyra says:

    That was hysterical.

  3. 3
    Erica says:

    Thanks for the hilarity! I

  4. 4
    ashley says:

    did that make anyone else have to pee?

  5. 5
    Lynn S. says:

    He-he-he and he again.
    I’d hate to be the speaker who came after him.

    program 89:  I just might be watching that program 89 more times.

  6. 6
    Gwynnyd says:

    I kept waiting for “dinosaur versus the blank screen that needs words” but that never happened.

  7. 7
    Amanda says:

    Yes @Ashley, that DID make me have to pee. Darn.

  8. 8
    RebeccaJ says:

    Excessively googling your name….LOL!

  9. 9
    Karen says:

    This is so cool—and funny-ish because Dinosaur vs. Bedtime was one of the first books my 2 year old “read” to herself!

    saying44 – I do believe saying ROAR 44 times would be very much fun!  Karen wins!

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