Overheard at RT

It’s time for Overheard at RT, where I collect everything that’s funny, silly, and out-of-context absurd, and present it for your snapshot pleasure.

“Does anyone here have a book? *many kindles and nooks appear* No,  I mean a PAPER book?”

“…Then the dirty pillows came out.”

“My 15 year old son read your book and loved it.”
“Oh, thank you… but you know, my books have sex in them.”
“Yes. That is why I am buying these two for him. Would you sign them?”

“WOW. Dirty pillows AND muffin top that JINGLES?”
“Shut up. All the ladies jingle here.”

“Jane is a romance ninja spy.”

“Oh! I know you! We inter-library-loan all our erotica from your library!”

“A good review explains why, whether it’s good or bad.”

“Does price affect your ability to take a chance on a new author?”

“We had a book custody battle when I moved out. There was a spreadsheet involved.”

“I get books from Australia because England sucks.”

“I LOVE a horny triangle.”

“Smart women laugh a lot.”

“We’re passing the balls around.”
“But don’t squeeze them at inappropriate times!”

“How do you like your heroes?”
“Medium rare?”
“Yes, hard alpha coating with a gooey beta center, and a tortured ripple.”

“I want to state for the record, there is no felty thatch in ANY of my books. Maybe fleecy, but it wasn’t felty!”

“I’m stuck on sausage.”
“That happens.”

“I do not like the word ‘cream.’ It implies opacity. That is not right.”

“Manroot. Like a mandrake – pull it and they scream.”

“I don’t want your filthy books you smut peddlers. No, wait, yes I do!”

“Fried is my favorite flavor.”

“It started as sucking up, but then it went much deeper than that.”

“He didn’t even get some bacon grease?”
“I know. Everything’s better with bacon.”

And my very favorite Overheard at RT comes from early in the conference, late at night in the bar. A woman who was clearly VERY intoxicated, as in, completely unable to walk upright, was being led to the elevators by a man who was pretty much holding her up. They were not part of the conference group that I could tell, but they walked by a table of ladies from the RT conference having a drink together: 

“We need to call security. I don’t know if he’s with her or if she knows him at all.”

So they alerted hotel security, who immediately went to talk to the couple and make sure a bad situation wasn’t about to get much, much worse. Nicely done, ladies. I’m proud to be among you.


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