DABWAHA Brackets Now Open!

imageIt’s time to fill out your brackets for the 2010 DABWAHA tournament of books. If you’re not familiar with it, the DABWAHA is a bracket-style tournament that echoes the NCAA basketball tourney, only instead of college basketball, we’re using reader votes to determine the book of the year. I’ve got a lot of DABWAHA news, in convenient bullet-list format.

  • The reader nominations are in – and each category is now complete with 8 nominees, one in each picked by readers!
  • I am going to post the top 10 reader nominations in each category – because you need more books to read, right? Right.
  • The complete list of nominees is online, too, in one easy-to-read list.
  • The grand prize for the reader with the winning bracket this year? A 16 g white Wifi iPad! Woo hoo!
  • In previous years, we’ve given away a spa gift certificate for the winning author whose book is proclaimed Book of the Year – this year, we figured authors like iPads, too, so the winning author will also get a 16g white Wifi iPad, as well. Woo hoo x2!
  • Enough prize news, how do we play? Easy! Go to Dabwaha.com and have a look at the How to Play section for instructions on how to fill out your bracket. Then, click Tourney Site in the top menu to fill out your bracket.
  • IMPORTANT: your bracket will not show up immediately. Each entry is stored off line and must be compiled and uploaded into the server in batches. This is done manually. By Jane. So she’ll collect the entries in groups through the selection period and upload them in groups. You should email yourself a copy of the bracket (there’s an option to do so in the bracket entry screen at the bottom) just in case.
  • Deadline: March 15, 2011 at 11:59 pm. CST.

Any questions? Need suggestions on trash talking? You can ask in the comments or chat on Twitter with #dabwaha – get your game on!



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  1. 1

    Yes, please, I’ll take all help on offer for learning to trash talk! We Canadians really suck at it.

    On the other hand, we seem to excel at bribery…so far I’ve managed to sway at least one vote by offering up Nathan Fillion, Really Good Beer and the letter zed…

    Anyone want Ryan Reynolds and a random letter u to use for spelling things like ‘favourite’? I can set you up.

    I’m over at #dabwaha…

    (I’m holding on to Keanu and Kiefer for personal use for as long as I can, but will give them up, too, if I have to…)

  2. 2

    The author of the novella my Holiday Sparks is up against in the first round has already offered up her hot, bearded husband. I fear I am doomed…

    (I love the DABWAHA! It makes March the most fun month of the entire year, even beating out the holiday season because, unlike Christmas, it doesn’t involve cooking, wrapping, or visiting crazy Nana.)

  3. 3
    Ros says:

    Every year I vow that I will read the DABWAHA instructions and work how this thing works, because it looks like so much fun.  And every year I get as far as ‘brackets…basketball…blahblahblah’ and my eyes glaze over and…

    So, um, enjoy, everyone else!  I’ll be watching in baffled bewilderment as usual.

  4. 4
    Chelsea says:

    I managed to guide two technologically challenged relatives through the process of bracket making. Because after ranking pathetically low last year, I’m determined that SOMEONE I know is going to win something.

  5. 5
    Reneesance says:

    I started doing research on all the entries I hadn’t read yet and finally just ended up choosing for sheer amusement value.  However I (somehow) ended up with the two Meljean Brooks head to head in the final spot.  Does this mean I’m an official fan girl?  Is there a t-shirt?  Or possibly a 12 step program? :)

  6. 6
    Lisa J says:

    @Reneesance – I ended up in the same boat.  I’m keeping my fingers croaaed that will mean good things for me this year.  I always finish low, but not low enough to win the consolation prize.

  7. 7
    anne.tenino says:

    (grumble) I can’t figure out how to quote on my iPad.  Know how to select, just won’t do it (grumble).

    I agree with Ros.  Um, sports?  Brackets?  I don’t need the iPad.

    ETA:  But thanks for the recommendations!

  8. 8
    joanne says:

    For Ros and anyone else who is hesitant: Very Few of us know what the hell we’re doing.

    Two things. Drop down menus and names of books. Take a breath, make a pick, vote when Jane and Sarah say to.
    So simple and I’ve gotten so good at it over the years that I’ve almost worked my way up to the bottom of the pack!!!

    NO trash talking involved.  It’s all about the NOVELLA this year. Here There be Monsters for the win!!!

  9. 9
    Colonel Angus says:

    March 15th!!! that’s only one day.
    I guess I know what I’m doing when I get home.

  10. 10
    Donna says:

    Why, why why do my favorite books always end up competing with each other in the early brackets! Just once can this be easy!!

  11. 11
    jayhjay says:

    Where is the chatting/trash talking on the actual DAW… site?  Or is that not where it is? I have seen people referencing various comments but i can’t find where they are. Thanks!

  12. 12
    Bri says:

    i second and third the not knowing what doing.  for most of them i just went by how the name sounded.  I’ve only read about 6 and heard of about 12 *hangs head in shame*

    it’ll be fun no matter what!  :)

  13. 13

    jayhjay, most of the trash-talking (that I see) takes place on Twitter, though there’s usually some in the comments of the voting blog posts once they go live.

  14. 14
    Tina C. says:

    On books I don’t know, I just go with the “Who has the higher seed?” method, with a sprinkling of “I just like that title better” to mix it up a little.  It’s the same way I fill out the NCAA tourney brackets, actually.  Of course, I usually completely suck at this and end up in the middle of the pack early on, but that’s my method and I’m sticking to it.

  15. 15
    SB Sarah says:

    Don’t despair. There’s a 2nd chance tourney that starts later when one’s bracket is hopelessly busted. Like mine will be (I truly suck at this, so you are not alone).

  16. 16
    Melissa J. says:

    I messed up, and forgot to put in my tiebreaker number in the comment box.  Is there a way to fix that, or should I just not worry about it?  ‘Cause let’s be honest, if I win this I’m going to Vegas to gamble while my incredible-and-unheard-of luck holds.  :)

  17. 17
    Diatryma says:

    I may be missing something, but does the bracket eventually show up on the DABWAHA page, like when I go to ‘bracket’ or something?  Or is my emailed copy the one I should use for voting reference?

    I am normally computer-literate, but I guess the sports thing throws me more than I thought.

  18. 18
    Diatryma says:

    Never mind, I have found it!

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