Caption That Cover:The Ducktastic Winner

Balloony Tunes!

Oh, the Balloony Tunes, and your magical Duck Shack captions. Without further ado, I present the runners up and the winner of our latest Caption That Cover contest.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Deadline Hell: “One ‘stash to rule them all
One ‘stash to find them
One ‘stash to bring them all and in the mom jeans bind them
In the land of the Duck Shack, where giant yellow sperm fly”

Cathy: “As Nick embraced Cara, he realized that he’d forgotten to bring condoms on their weekend getaway.  Good thing he was dating a woman with a balloon fetish!”

Barbara: “Burt’s pained expression said it all: would Cindy ever realize he wasn’t from around here?  If their miniature glowing kids hadn’t been enough of a clue, his giant floating sperm should have set off alarms.  Her insistence that they were “balloons” was beginning to get on his nerves.”

Kathleen: “He knew any woman who nicknamed her uterus “the duck shack” would have no problem birthing large, healthy babies…but the bike was impressive.”

Kathlyn: “The Duck Shack Agreement: If by the time we are thirty neither of us has been hired as a Love Boat extra, we will open a balloon-o-gram company.”

heather: ““Oh Chuck, I hope this balloon-launched S.O.S. brings us help against the plot moppets.””

Amitatuq: “Although they were both transfixed by her remarkable ability to release balloons, she felt compelled to point out that she was also able to shoot glowing children on bikes out of her magic hoo ha.”

And the winner of the contest, who shall receive a $25 gift certificate to the bookstore of his or her choosing, and the people’s ovation and porn ‘stache forever is Andee for this pair of ducktastic entries:

“David was pretty sure he loved Misty, but knowing that her dyslexia manifested into her writing “D”s in place of “F”s could have saved them from a LOT of frustrating misunderstandings…”

and “I think I know what the Duck Shack Agreement is:  I won’t touch your Aqua Net if you leave my Brylcreem alone.  We share the Gee!  Your Hair Smells Terrific.”

Congratulations, Andee! Email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom to claim your price. Thank you to all those who entered. And biggest thanks go to Harlequin because that was just AWESOME.


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    Jess says:

    .. oh God, I just realised that the dude totally looks like Edward James Olmos in a particular season of BSG, only less cylon ass-kicking, obviously. CANNOT UNSEE.

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