LOLibrarians: The Contest Entries!

This will be fun! Behold the entries in this weekend’s LOLibrarian contest, submitted by readers, librarians, and all those capable of Photoshop shenanigans. Voting will be conducted for the next 24 hours or so, and the winner receives a $25 gift card to the bookstore of his or her choosing. And librarians, as usual, get mad props and high fives and the people’s ovation and fame forever.

Hey! Here’s an idea! Let’s have the NFL players and the librarians trade salaries for awhile? Heh.

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  1. 1
    Peyton says:

    Someone please tell me what exactly that is a picture of in the Jealous Much entry so I can be little less horrified that someone is growing furry white penises in trays.

  2. 2
    Scrin says:


  3. 3
    Olivia says:

    Oh thank god that’s cleared up! I was puzzled and afraid to be the one to ask. Because there are times when it is rather taboo to raise a querying finger and say, “Are those perchance wangs of unusual size?”

  4. 4
    bookstorecat says:

    Just realized one of the mushrooms is labeled Netflix and a much smaller one is labeled HarperCollins. Funnier now that it makes sense.

    Not that anything shaped like a penis (including an actual penis) isn’t already funny enough, really. For immature sillycats like me.

    My captcha is actually69. Really. hee hee hee

  5. 5
    AgTigress says:

    “Are those perchance wangs of unusual size?”

    Where else but on this website would one see the words ‘perchance’ and ‘wangs’ in the same sentence? 

  6. 6
    peggy h says:

    They’re all adorable!  If I was voting just on the text, I would have totally put the “I can has budget?” last because I think the whole “I can has….” is so over.  But…but…but…I just could NOT resist that librarian’s expression.  She absolutely got my vote!!

  7. 7
    Pickle says:

    Olivia……That was wonderful!  Would that be WOUS’s for short?

    captcha:  youre28 (only in my dreams!)

  8. 8
    Pat L. says:

    Cute contest. I love the who gives a shit one.

  9. 9
    JamiSings says:

    Since I work in a library and know for a fact we don’t have a budget, “I can has budget” has my vote.

    Seriously, people, donate lots of books in excellent condiction to your libraries because we have no money for new books.

  10. 10
    PamG says:

    I voted for the books from toilet paper one—so apropos—but the WOUS were hilarious!

  11. 11
    Kar says:

    Spy Sappin’ My Romance Blog? I swear, Team Fortress 2 is now officially everywhere on the internet. The ‘HOLLA!’ one would’ve been my choice…but the TF2 fangirl in me had to pick ‘No Jobs?!’. The ‘Calling Someone Who Gives a Shit’ was funny too.

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