LOLibrarians: A Photoshop Contest

At the suggestion of Jane from Dear Author and after some amusing moments looking back at various entries in the #jerseylibrarians hashtag, I think it is indeed time for a photoshop contest. In fact, it’s time for LOLibrarians!

Behold, my #jerseylibrarian inspired entries, envisioning the Jersey Librarians responding to Harper Collins’ plan to limit libraries’ digital lending of their books.



But you know, I don’t think LOLibrarians needs to be restricted to just digital lending, or even Harper Collins, or even the fun of making mafia movie quotes into library policy. Oh no! It is time for a fun and festive LOLibrarian Photoshop Contestery.

The rules: Email your finest LOLibrarian to sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom, subject line LOLibrarian. PLEASE do not make them wider than 480 px. If you do, we will have a Situation. Deadline: Midnight, Eastern time, Sunday 27 February.

I will post all the entries, and you’ll vote on your fave.

Winner will receive a $25 gift card to the bookstore of her choosing, as well as a very durable holder for her library card. Standard disclaimer applies: void where prohibited. Open to international entries though that gift card thing may prove tricky.

So let’s have it. Bring on your finest LOLibrarian.

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  1. 1
    Kinsey says:

    I wish I were any good at Photoshopping.

    I’m a law librarian. I don’t turn kids on the joy of reading, I don’t help adults get resources they need, I don’t keep the world safe from the predations of asshat big publishers, I don’t do all the truly awesome stuff that public librarians do – all I do is help attorneys help their clients. On the other hand, I don’t have to deal with the public. And one of my public librarian buds assures me that at least half the public is off its meds at any given time.

  2. 2
    TracyP says:

    all I do is help attorneys help their clients

    I work with a lot of attorneys, and I feel we earn our pay by doing so!  Having said that, you may not be working directly with the public, but you’re helping the attorneys help “the public,” right??  I don’t work directly with the public either, but I help our scientists and engineers save the world.  Still all good for the karma.

    Love the idea of the contest.  Just wish I were creative enough.  I look forward to seeing other peoples’ winners.

  3. 3
    LisaC says:

    @Kinsey Hey, fellow law librarian, agreement and commiseration, though I do think that staying ahead of our attorneys is no walk in the park either. A little escapist reading?

  4. 4
    Kinsey says:

    Don’t get me wrong – I love my job, and I love the firm I work for – it’s one of the biggies but it’s a great place to work and the morale is very healthy. I just meant that we don’t do the traditional heroic librarian stuff.

    But my job’s fascinating, and the working conditions can’t be beat.

  5. 5

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