A few links of info while I’m at Tools of Change.

First: Macmillan has launched a new community for romance readers at Heroes & Heartbreakers. There’s a lot of familiar names among the writers, which is awesome. Good luck, y’all!

Second: Thanks to Caridad Ferrer for the heads up about this article, which made me most happy. Advertising Age takes a look at romance as a genre, and its continued success in Romance Novels Still Get Love Thanks to Cheap Prices, Loyalty. Romance isn’t just “recession proof” as so many articles have said – it’s forward thinking and the connection between fans is ideal for continued success:

It helps that romance was well prepared, in many ways without trying, for the challenges that would come. Its fans like to talk to one another, to the eventual advantage of the romance sites and social-media plays that have now emerged. And its books were typically priced pretty low. There’s more free content every day, but romance publishers are proving that cheap can be pretty persuasive, too.

Not an ounce of snark? I’m not sure what to do with myself here.

Thirdly and Finally: all you writers cooking up a Space Cowboy romance at Angela James’ request, take note. Thanks to reader MB and The Atlantic Wire, we now know more about Sex In Space, and that Space Sex is Safe Sex.

The findings arrive courtesy of scientists at NASA’s Ames Research Center, who found that these particles “would probably sterilise any female embryo conceived in deep space” and also reduce the sperm count in men.

So entry during re-entry would not be very effective then, eh?



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