Friday Videos are Reading A Book

From Susanna Kearsley sent me this one:

You want the link? Here it is!

I’m sure you’ve seen this, with a bazillion views registered already, but dude. DUDE. I have so had that feeling. Except for the random bagpipes, I can totally relate.


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  1. 1
    Bibliophile says:

    This has so many levels of brilliance I can’t even begin to enumerate them. Thanks for the smile.

  2. 2
    SharonS says:

    I hadn’t seen it yet! That was so many flavors of awesome


  3. 3
    Ariabella says:

    Hahahaha! I love it!


  4. 4
    kaz says:

    Just showed it to my hubbie..hoping he got the hint..

  5. 5
    blodeuedd says:

    Lol, thanks :) I have been so bored today, but I knew where to go

  6. 6
    Ben P says:

    ROFLAMO! – I just mailed the link to my wife:

    “Look, Honey, it’s MEEEE!”

  7. 7
    Ben P says:

    Me wife just mailed back:

    IT’S YOU!!!!!

  8. 8
    Sarah W says:

    “I never even pay for my library books.”  XD

    (I’ve also been known to read my kids’ birthday books before they do—but I can’t say they’ve ever been as sad about it as that poor little kid)

  9. 9
    Jennifer Armintrout says:

    LOL, this reminds me of something Lonely Island would do.

  10. 10
    Tracy says:

    LOL.  Loved it.  Did anyone else notice he was reading Marley and Me??  Thanks for the smile this AM.  I needed that.  :)

  11. 11
    Tamara Hogan says:

    Hilarious! Baby blue Ray Bans and a bad-ass vibe.

    Reminds me of Rollins.

  12. 12
    Kim says:

    Bwah ha ha. Love it!

    Once, on a long car trip I was attempting to read and my mom kept asking me questions. After receiving several monosyllabic answers from me, she said, “Is that a good book?” and I replied,

    “I dunno, you won’t let me read it!”

  13. 13
    Wendy says:

    This is totally me! You know how there are “cat people” and “dog people”, and they can never quite agree about the other’s preference? Well, there are “book people” and “non-book people”, too. I’m the first, and my husband is the second. In fact, my whole (pre-marriage) family is book people, and his whole family is non-booky.

    My family thinks it’s rude to interrupt someone while they’re reading a book.
    His family thinks it’s rude to read a book when there’s a conversation going on (even if it doesn’t involve or interest you). 

    I wish I had realized that BEFORE I married him. Informed consent and all that, you know. ;-)

  14. 14

    Badass book readers for the win!  Love it!

  15. 15
    Betsy says:

    Oh my god WHAT
    This is amazing!
    Sending to all my librarian friends immediately.

  16. 16
    MicheleKS says:

    Love the video though I do think the dude is just a tad creepy looking and the bagpipes at the end- a tiny bit of WTF there.

    I think if you have a book in your hands and you’re staring at an open page it should be obvious what you’re doing. Yet where I used to work people would ask what I was doing. Then when I told them they looked at me like I’d dropped in from Mars. Good thing I didn’t have an e-reader at the time because that would have been impossible to explain.

  17. 17
    Tracy says:

    Oh, GOD HELP YOU if you have an e-reader.  I’ve never had so many people come up to me and ask me about the book I was reading.  I think it’s because the technology is still fairly new and everyone wants to know all about it.  I’ve learned not to go to the breakroom for my break, or I’ll never get anything read.  Maybe if I wore a hoody and did this creepy scowl thing, they would leave me alone.  Hmmmm.  :)

  18. 18
    Donna says:

    I remember one night (morning) mom getting up to use the bathroom &, noticing my light on, poked her head in to see what was up. I’m pretty sure she saw something a lot like this(sans hoodie) when I rolled over with my book & growled “I’m READING!”

  19. 19
    Jacqui C. says:

    I seem to remember that there’s a scene in Catcher in the Rye where Houlden is reading a book with continual interruptions, including one to ask him whether he is enjoying the book.  And he responds by saying “This sentence I’m reading is terrific.”  I may be misquoting—but it is one of my dad’s favourite scenes so I’ve heard him refer to it a number of times!

    Love this video.  Have sent the link to my husband who will definitely appreciate it, since we’re both avid readers!

  20. 20
    Kendra says:

    OMG that’s me and my son!!!  I want to show him this video, but he would be signing it all over the house for weeks.  DH would kill us both.  Thanks for the great video!!!  I love Friday videos.

  21. 21
    Eliza Knight says:

    OMG, that was AWESOME!!!

  22. 22
    TaraL says:

    Yes, I’ve had that feeling, always said in the scary voice, not the airy, synth’ed voice. And I occasionally have random bagpipes show up , too, so it’s all good…

  23. 23
    Jaye says:

    They have it on itunes.  I’m going to be listening to this all weekend and trying to convince my friends that they need it too.

  24. 24
    LisaM says:

    Loved it – even the totally random bagpipes.  I remember biting off my husband’s (non-booky) head while I was reading Harry Potter #8.  His comment was “You yelled at me over Harry Potter?!?!”  They (the non-bookies) just don’t get it.

    Think72 – I can think of at least 72 reasons why it’s not a good idea to interrupt me when I’m reading.

  25. 25
    LisaM says:

    Oops – Harry Potter #7, I mean.

  26. 26
    darlynne says:

    Loved the video, but anything that includes Scotland the Brave makes me a fan.

  27. 27
    Carrie S says:

    Loved it, but dude, psycho book rapper’s angry face will haunt my nightmares!

  28. 28
    quichepup says:

    I remember biting off my husband’s (non-booky) head while I was reading Harry Potter #8.  His comment was “You yelled at me over Harry Potter?!?!”

    If this had been my husband he would be my ex-husband now. He knows better than to interrupt me while I’m reading a book. I leave him alone with his wrestling. It’s worked for us for 23 yrs. so far.

    Love the video.

  29. 29
    Carrie S says:

    My science geek husband is mostly into non fiction, so we’re bonded by reading but in diff ways.  At one point I was sobbing, sitting in bed, reading the last Harry Potter, surrounded by kleenex, and he said, “ummmm…you know they’re fictional, right?”

    Please.  as though reality has any impact on me whatsoever!

  30. 30
    Laurel says:

    I love it, and feel fairly sure that the point of the bagpipes is that…wait for it…they are INTERRUPTING him mid-sentence! ;)

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