Sizzling Book Club Chat: Here Comes the Groom by Karina Bliss

Sizzling Book ClubWatch this space! We’ll be chatting about Karina Bliss’ Here Comes the Groom at 10pm EST, 7pm PST, and the author will be joining us at 11pm EST.

I hope you’ll join us!


General Bitching...

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  1. 1
    Emily says:

    How do I sign up for the chat?

  2. 2
    Colleen says:

    Emily, you just pop up at the starting time and type in your name.
    This might be more of a personal issue, but my chat is always lagging and so my comments are always a little late and awkward. Am I alone in this? Does anyone know of a solution to this?

  3. 3
    dmryherd says:

    I have the same issue with the lag. I’m not sure how to fix it either. :

  4. 4
    SB Sarah says:

    There’s a delay between when you type your comments and when they appear? It could be one of two things: internet speed and connection, or comment moderation. The one drawback of CoverItLive is that comments must be approved so during the chat, I or Hubby are approving the comments to make them appear. If there’s a lot, there may be a delay, and I apologize for that. I’m keeping my eye out for stable software or programming that would make the book chat easier, but so far CIL is the fastest and most stable across platforms. I’m sorry for the delay!

  5. 5
    Carin says:

    Sarah, I loved the bookchat last night.  Thankfully, I didn’t have any lag issues for the first half of the chat.  Once Karina came on I had a lot of problems with the chat screen freezing up, then vomiting 10 comments at the same time.  And when it was frozen I couldn’t type any comments myself.  I chalked it up to an increase in comments and commenters when Karina joined us.  Frustrating, but still a good chat!

  6. 6
    rlitex says:

    Hope this is the chat :)

  7. 7
    rlitex says:

    ugh, this is not a very user friendly chat is it?  :(

  8. 8
    rlitex says:

    oh well, I think I’m early, maybe check back later

  9. 9
    maggie says:

    I’ve been reading the archives for your bookchats and I’ve enjoyed them all. I’m really mad I missed Scandal.  Super excited about next months chat – hopefully, I’ll make that one!  Also, on a related Bliss topic: I’ve interlibrary loaned Bliss’ What the Librarian Did and it’s been “in transit” for about 3 weeks now (usually the wait time is 2-3 days).  I think it’s gotten a librarian curious and now they are reading it while I’m patiently waiting.  May it bring more romance readers to the fold.

  10. 10
    Ell says:

    Often, as the chat goes on it starts hanging up. I did some experimentation and discovered that the particular craaaawwwwwllllling thing I’m talking about is because there’s a script running that slows everything up. I asked CoverItLive and they said they don’t use scripts, so I tried turning scripting off, but I couldn’t log into the software.

    So instead, I’ve been opening a new tab about every half an hour, getting into the chat in the new tab, then closing the old tab. It seems to work.

    It’s also true that sometimes the slowdown seems to be on the other end; this only applies to local slowdowns.

    (sorry to be so late—power’s been out the last three days.)

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