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Beth, who sent me this link, says that her boyfriend now has a “listening face.” Since showing it to Hubby, he has a listening face, too, except he cracks up in the middle so it’s more of giggling face.

Have a very cheesy and well-listened weekend!



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  1. 1
    aussiegirl says:

    Ha Ha Ha – “I’m listening”. Good thing I can multi task – listening, giggling heaps and almost spilling my coffee.  I loved this ad!!!

  2. 2
    Sarah W says:

    Ooooh, baby basil leaves!  I think.  Yes?

    I don’t know if I’d like a man paying quite that much smoldering attention to me—or do I mean ‘at me’ ?—all the time

    There has to be a happy medium between this and the guy who, when invited to talk,  sits down on the couch, opens a beer, turns on the tube, and says, “A’ight, whatcha got?”

  3. 3

    My dog has a good “I’m listening” face, even though I suspect she’s not really getting the nuances of my writing.  The husband’s “I’m listening” face still needs work.

    @Sarah W—Yours says “Whatcha got?”  Girlfriend, you’re already ahead of the curve!

  4. 4
  5. 5
    Wallie says:

    My listening face is on for … oh, wait! 

    That’s my GLISTENING face … for that man.

  6. 6
    ev says:

    Don’t most men have a listening face? You know the one, the blank look they give you after you ask a question about what you were talking about.

  7. 7
    Lyssa says:

    I think advertisers have figured out that women want the ‘perfect’ man. Between this and 0ld Spice what is next? I loved the other commercials in this series…especially ‘I am Knitting, I put a sweater on a dog.” Though I think that may be too Metrosexual for me…

  8. 8
    Linda B. says:

    One of the other commercials shows The Perfect Man knitting a sweater for his dog. Swoon!!!!

  9. 9
    Carrie S says:

    HA!  That was awesome.

  10. 10
    ijinx says:

    sometimes when i cook, i weep

    need we say more?

  11. 11
    Lauren says:

    Lol, he looks like a Romance Coverfied version of my boyfriend. Even down to the listening face, oh myyyyyyyyy. I <3 this.

  12. 12
    Lizabeth S. Tucker says:

    I want to know the name of the actor and/or model who does these ads. He’s swoony good-looking and doesn’t appear to be 12-20 years old like too many of them.

  13. 13
    sableheart says:

    “Sometimes when I cook, I weep.” These ads cracked me up so bad last year because they kept showing them on Masterchef Australia. One of my favourites is when he’s caressing an eggplant at the end and says “Aubergine” seductively.

    The actor’s name is Oliver Grubelic. From the company description:
    “Despite his character having some flaws, Oliver, our real life ‘Perfect Man’ seems to have none. This beautiful Aussie has modelled in Milan, has a three year old son, is currently learning Italian and lives in New York for six months of the year. “

  14. 14
    Kathleen says:

    I cracked up, but did not get a listening face from my man who clearly missed the joke.  “Why did you make me watch that?” he asked before going back to the redneck video about guns or something he was watching before I so rudely interrupted. 

    But then again, this is the same man who put his arms around me and told me it “breaks his heart to see me sad and overwhelmed” about 20 minutes before that.  My mom is on hospice so it’s a little stressful.  That’s what he was talking about.

  15. 15
    Judith says:

    “I am knitting. I have put a sweater on a dog.” This guy cracks me up so much! He is perfect. Perfect I tell ya! He is also the world’s greatest uncle, according to the mug on the table.

  16. 16
    Rudi_bee says:

    My favourite from the series was definitely “Sometimes when I cook … I weep.”

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