Holiday Gift Guide: Bas Bleu Edition

Book Cover My holiday shopping is only partly over, since I still have Christmas gifts to buy. And while you are probably like me and completely inundated with catalogs, there is one catalog you should go out of your way to add to your list: Bas Bleu. This is one of my favorite book catalogs, and it’s worth reading over and over- every time I pick this catalog up, I find something I missed and want to buy for someone.

For example: the China Bayles mysteries written by Susan Wittig Albert, offered in a three pack for $23.97, or The Penguin Book of Ghost Stories, featuring scary tales from Dickens, Kipling, Bierce and Wharton.

For those who have young children who love stories: William and the Christmas Moon, a story told with a flashlight and laser paper cutouts. For jewelry fans: Pride and Prejudice book earrings. For anyone going to a conference this year: a book flask. And for anyone who loves quirky stationery: Telegram notecards.

Ok, I have to stop reading this catalog before I go brokest.


For soaps and smells and bath products, Indigo Wild stuff is awesome – plus, their Zum Tub bath salts implore you to “get nakey, then shakey,” which for some reason I find hilarious.

Laura G. sent me a link to this store, which was a horribly wonderful thing to do, because I wanted everything they sell. Knock Knock has awesome pads, stationery, books, and generally fun goofy stuff (like post-its that say “Blah blah blah”). My current looooove is the All Out Of grocery pad, which is saving my butt every damn day.

Justine sent me the link to Fishs Eddy, which has awesome dinnerware, flatware, and goofy plates like the While You Were Out tray, and an entire line of Alice in Wonderland items.

Have a look at these amazing posters: one scene of a famous novel illustrated using the text of the novel. Seriously. SO cool!

From Stacie, the perfect gift selection for your writer friend who spends her day killing people: the LA Coroner’s gift shop. Nope, notk idding.

From the Department of Awesome on Etsy: the Nerd Herder, a wallet and gathering place for every stray technological oddity you carry with you. Or the Keep Calm and Read On sign – available in many variations. I bought a friend the “Keep Calm and Drink Beer” sign.

Or this truly beautiful silver book necklace that you can customize.

And, finally, this totally made my day: Bag Ladies Tea company has Novel Teas, individually tagged teabags with literary quotes.

So, what are you buying this year? Have I tempted you with anything here? What ideas for gift giving caught your eye? And which are your favorite charities to support?


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  1. 1
    Diatryma says:

    Keep Calm posters: My favorites are at .  But then, I knit.

  2. 2

    Fantastic list.  I have severak items from Knock Knock (the TO PONDER folder is sitting smack in front of me) and they are great fun.  People love them as gifts.

  3. 3
    Angie G says:

    Great suggestions.  Many of these could get me and my credit card into big trouble!  :)

  4. 4
    Peggy says:

    Didn’t find this in your site yet, but I wanted to put in a good word for ‘Brava’ titles, especially Shannon McKenna.  Great plots and cool romance.

    Not quite sure who else to recommend except for Joanna Bourne, another very good writer.

    I’ll figure this site out yet!

  5. 5
    Barbara W. says:

    Sooo, I already have a couple of things from the LA Coroner’s Office (because that’s the way I roll, too, and I sort of have to shop for myself, right?).  Then I started wandering around Etsy and found some things that I bookmarked because I’m a ‘ho for jewelry, especially the book-y things.

    Wait, this is Christmas shopping for OTHER people?

  6. 6
    orangehands says:

    I was having trouble with my friend’s parents, but I think one of the FishEddies will work, so thanks. The shadow book from Bas Bleu and the postertext is awesome.

    We give to a lot of different charities (money, time, items), though usually less during December than other months. The big charity in my house is YesICAN (International Child Abuse Network.)

  7. 7
    Bea says:

    Hee, I added myself to their email AND their print mailing lists :D :D

  8. 8
    Laura (in PA) says:

    I signed up for a Bas Bleu catalog before I even read the whole paragraph. Have you tempted me with ANY of these? How about ALL of these!!

    Glad you liked the KnockKnock suggestion – I love their sense of humor. I’m also partial to the post-its that say “Total Crap” at the top. And the shopping list rocks.

    I’m with Barbara – forget shopping for other people from these places.

  9. 9

    Thank you for the great suggestions….Will check them out for sure…

  10. 10
    Literary Slut says:

    I’ve been a Bas Bleu shopper for years and always enjoy the catalog.  I’ve discovered many a new author and have bought gifts from them to enjoy myself or give away.  They are good peeps.

  11. 11
    DianeV says:

    I love the “Deal With This” stamp from Knock, Knock…too bad my boss wouldn’t “get it” if I bought it for her (er..make that me.)

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