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Habo-Thon: Searching for her Comfort Read

Emily is searching for a romance that was once one of her comfort re-reads:

I remember reading a book either from Harlequin or one
of those that sent out 3 books every month . . .This one had a female
reporter who was shy finding out that she has a brain aneurysm and deciding
(of course) to be more bold . . .so when the male reporter, who is a known
player around the office, gets a lead on a great story she follows him and
trys to make it her own . . .. Long story short (too late :) they fall into
bed, he gives her the byline on the story, and she finds out that maybe she
isn’t dying after all and he walks away because she needs someone
“stable” and “not afraid of commitment” . . .yeah you can see where this
is going but it got me through a lot of really bad times and I’d love to
find it again if possible so thanks for any help :)


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Jen says:

    I think I know this one! It’s a SIlhouette Special Edition. One Last Fling, by Elizabeth August.

  2. 2
    Lori says:

    The heroine decided that one of the last things she wanted to do in her life is steal a story from a coworker? Hum.

  3. 3
    Emily says:

    YES !!!! Thanks Jen :) That was it and I already ordered it and cannot wait.  Lori, she wasn’t bad just freaked that she’d never done anything but been “boring” and “good” and honestly when I read it the first time I could relate big time :)
    Again thanks so much :) This BITCH was helped out BIG TIME :D

  4. 4
    Jen says:

    You’re so welcome, Emily!  I’m glad I was able to help a fellow bitch! ;)
    I remember that book well. It was one of the first Special Editions I ever read … and I loved it! :)

  5. 5
    Jen says:

    Forgot to say—enjoy the re-read! :)

  6. 6
    Kwon says:

    I’m looking for a book about a woman whose baby was kidnapped. she gets information on where her child is so she drives there in a storm and ends up crashing her car in front of the house where her daughter. When she wakes up she doesn’t remember anything.

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