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Big thanks to Hubby and to his friend Matt for this amazing bizarre video featuring … well, I’m not actually sure what it’s FOR but it has a LOT of people in it. Just watch it. All six minutes.

My two favorite comments, from Matt: “I never wanted it to end,” and from someone on YouTube: “This is what you see before you die.”

Someday, you might be in a video for a Norwegian (I think) television station (I think) as a “spaghetti western filmer.” Because that would be excellent and winning awesome.

Can anyone tell me what this is? A promo for a Norwegian television station? An excuse to see if Fab Morvan is singing with Right Said Fred? Whatever it is, it’s one hell of a present to everyone everywhere ever. Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating tonight and tomorrow, and may your weekend be merry, bright, and absent of times of trouble. 

ETA: A ha! An explanation! Anyone want to take bets on how long before this series is recreated with some self-important American windbags doing it all wrong?


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Ell says:

    Okay, I just found the Ferry Aid video on Youtube and have been switching back and forth. Wild!

  2. 2
    Sarah W says:

    Oh, when they showed Leslie Neilsen in the photo album, I teared up—-I miss him.

    What a wonderful video and a wonderful premise for a show.

    And no bet, Sarah—-it’s probably already in pre-production somewhere.

    Very Merry Happies to everyone who likes that sort of thing!

  3. 3
    teshara says:

    I can’t get over my amusement at some people singing and the ones who can’t carry a tune just lip synch.

  4. 4
    Kathy B says:

    I have only 1 comment… “Hulken”… that was great!

  5. 5
    Cathy says:

    It’s a Norwegian TV series. Those 3 guys in the sweatshirts go around and interview people who were well known in the 80s and 90s. At the end of each interview, they get the subject to lip sync part of a song, then at the end of the season, they put it all together with the music so it looks like people were singing together.

    Here’s the previous year’s version of “We are the World” (It always makes me giggle when Willie Nelson’s voice comes out of Peter Shilton’s mouth in this one.)

  6. 6
    SheaLuna says:

    Oh. My. Lanta!  That is full of SOOO much awesome I can hardly handle it.  I so dig Dolph Lundgren rocking out.

  7. 7

    Wow! How great! And kind of strange. I thought maybe it was a inexplicable video of has-beens, but not all of them are. And was I pleased and amused to see the kid who played Forrest Gump as a child. Tom Hanks said the kid really spoke that way and he patterned his own accent in the movie after him.

    My only foreign sale was in Norwegian—you should have heard me try to read it aloud. It sounded like Klingon. Ha!

    Thanks so much!

  8. 8
    quichepup says:

    I actually cheered when I saw Dee Snider. And Carlton from Fresh Prince.

    Merry Christmas y’all. Now back to Christmas Eve dinner.

  9. 9
    Lyssa says:

    Okay, the Ferry Aid one …I thought was cool…the We are The World one, err, I watched that video to much when it came out, and hearing The Boss’ voice come out of anyone but him freaked me out.

    And to all my fellow readers…Peace and happiness surround you tomorrow and in the future. (Sarah and Candy too!)

  10. 10
    Cakes says:

    It’s like saying,“I wonder what happened to…” and *poof* they appeared. singing.

  11. 11
    Evelyn says:

    Thanks for sharing, I just watched the older video where they all sing “We are the world” and being German I find it really funny to see well-known singer Nicole lip-synchronising and hearing the voice of Bonnie Tyler (I guess it is Bonnie Tyler).

  12. 12
    Abby says:

    The biggest non sequitur for me was Tonya Harding.

    Really?  Tonya Harding?  REALLY?

  13. 13
    Barbara W. says:

    That was just so bizarre.  I haven’t had enough coffee, because I had to read through the Wiki article three times before I actually figured out what it said.  Really?  That’s the concept?  Really?  They got all those people together for that?  Some of them..yeah.  Jason Alexander though?  Doesn’t he have anything better to do?

    Just..weird.  The Dalgliesh guy too?  Wow, Katarina Witt was rocking out, huh?

  14. 14
    Betty Jean says:

    According to, David Faustino (from Married with Children) says they were all told that it was going to be used as a fundraiser for a charity and then was subsequently used to promote the show.  I’m not sure about the veracity of this.

    In any case, I was particularly tickled by Fab lip-synching.  Didn’t he learn the last time around?

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