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HaBO: The Mississippi Went Backwards

Diana is looking for a book featuring a love so powerful, the Mississippi flowed backwards.

One of the main events that happened and should set the story apart is the
New Madrid earthquake of 1811, when the Mississippi flowed backwards. Young
woman fleeing home, Southeastern seaboard I think. …Had been raped and was
pregnant, [so she] pretended to be a widow. Might have went to Natchez and convinced
hero to take her in his boat upriver to the town where her father was
living. Along the way she suffers a miscarriage and the hero helps her
through it. They arrive at the town where her father lives, he’s newly
married and wealthy. She makes a deal with the hero to allow him to teach
her about love so she will not be afraid of men any more. She eventually
moves in with her father and hero visits her room at night.

She becomes pregnant again and hero kidnaps her and takes her to the nearby
Indian village. His father is an English lord and mother Native American. He
forces her to marry him. Builds her a lovely new home and she turns him
away. Eventually he leaves, ends up out west. Drunk and about to make love
to someone else, he decides to go back and try to make it work. He arrives
home just as she’s going into labor. She was left alone and he delivers

Later in story they travel downriver, are attacked and then the earthquake
hits. They eventually end up in New Orleans and she realizes his father is a
family friend.

This was such a great book and I’d love to find it and read it again.

This sound old-skool and crazy and epic. Anyone remember this one?



Help a Bitch Out

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    Lindleepw says:

    Okay, what’s crazy is I think I know what book she’s talking about. I didn’t actually read it but I read what the plot was and this sounds exactly like it. I…just can’t remember what book it was. Someone has to remember this though. It’s driving me crazy now.

  2. 2
    heathero says:

    This sounds like Lord Rogue by Patricia Rice, although no mention of the New Madrid earthquake in the description.

  3. 3

    Definitely old school and epic! From 1988, when cover copy was more interested in sex and heartbreak than history. “G” The history of the New Madrid fault is fascinating, including Tecumseh predicting the disaster to come. But wow, even I didn’t remember that storyline. Must now go back and take another look…

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