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HABO: Lost in the Flood

Donna writes:

Decades ago a flood decimated my book collection. One of my favorites, which I have not been able to replace [I forgot the title/author], was a Silhouette Special Edition (?) that encompassed the following:

A young woman – a third grade teacher – won a trip to a Monaco-like country. Of course while there she met a gorgeous man who happens to be the heir to the principality/kingdom. They fall in love. She gets kidnapped. She uses her baseball throwing skills and her artistic ability to 1) draw figures of her kidnappers, 2) send a message for help. She’s rescued and for the HEA the prince flies her entire class to the wedding.

Does anyone know the author, title and number of this book?

UGH. I’ve lost books in basement flooding. I’m still replacing them slowly – some were Candy’s and were extremely rare (think “Windflower.” Now think of me shrieking). Anyone remember this book of Donna’s?


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    sugarless says:

    I can’t help you out on the book, but my sympathies for the basement flood. My basement recently flooded too, and we’re still trying to get it back into shape :(

  2. 2
    Phyllis says:

    Wait it’s… ah shoot. Totally conflating. ARG. It was a fairly popular and prolific author, I was reading her backlist a couple of years ago, first word sounds like… Sorry. Thought I had this one, then found “The Royal Pain” was the MaryJanice Davidson Alaskan royals.
    I don’t remember the baseball, either.

    Was it a set of novellas? I feel like I should be doing a seance for it.

  3. 3
    Betsy says:

    I spent almost $30 getting a used copy of The Windflower because of this site.  It turned out to be more than worth it!  Cat is my favorite romance supporting character of ALL TIME.

  4. 4
    Alona says:

    I liked this story when I read it, so I remembered it exactly as you descibed it.  It’s Silhouette Special Edition #354, “Whims of Fate” by Ruth Langan.

  5. 5
    Lara says:

    This sounds vaguely like one of Nora Roberts’ Cordina series to me, but it’s been at least seven years since I read them…

  6. 6
    Sarah says:

    Not one of Nora’s Cordinas. I just read those last year, and while they’re GREAT, they’re not this.

  7. 7
    MaryK says:

    Actually, I’m thinking of Candy shrieking. :D

  8. 8
    Suze says:

    You know, if Sharon and Tom Curtis would republish their backlist (surely their rights have returned to them by now?), they could very well set themselves up for retirement.  I so very much miss Windflower.  I’m not sure if I have it in storage, or if it fell to pieces and I threw it away, confident that I could replace it.

    I want it electronically.

    And, even though they didn’t blow my socks off like Windflower did, I’d totally buy the rest of their titles.

    And if they ever write a sequel to the Windflower featuring Cat (well, featuring any of the cast, really), I’d buy multiple copies.

  9. 9
    Susan says:

    “Alaskan royals”???? Someone has quite the imagination.

    I think I’m just as glad I don’t have a basement to flood.  House was built on a slab.  Of course, if there’s a tornado, my dog and I get to take cover in the tub in the guest bath with a mattress over us.  However, as I always tell people who move here from out of state, I’ve lived here for almost 40 years and never been in a tornado.

  10. 10
    Alyssa says:

    At first I thought it was “The Sheik’s Secret Bride” by Susan Mallery but it’s a little different.  Could it be another Mallery book?

  11. 11
    ev says:

    Honestly, I think I am going to put my copy of Windflower in a safety deposit box.

  12. 12
    Polly says:

    I found a copy of the Windflower last year at McKays in Nashville (wonderful UBS!) for $0.50!

  13. 13
    AmberG says:

    I lost the large majority of my books when the sewage backed up and filled the basement. I would have screamed, except that would have involved inhaling, which was a bad idea down there.

  14. 14
    katieM says:

    My brother constantly fusses at me because I have so many things stored in large plastic bins in the basement.  The bins are stacked atop those concrete blocks used for building.  We’ve never had more than two feet of water – rain water from when the storm sewers back up – but start my stacks 4 feet up.

  15. 15
    Stefanie says:

    This makes me so glad I live in SoCal where there is no danger of floods.  I would cry if I lost my small, but much loved collection of romances (including a .50cent first edition copy of the Windflower I got at Out of the Closet [a discount store chain that also benefits aids charities, salvation army store like]).

    Not sure of the book, but Royals in Disguise seem to be really popular, though they’re not always my cup of tea.  This was sounds charming, however.

  16. 16
    Laurie says:

    I’m a huge fan of Sharon and Tom Curtis and have all their books on my shelf.  I wish they would write more!

  17. 17
    EC Sheedy says:

    Is there any current info on Sharon and Tom Curtis? I’d love to know what they are doing now. As for Windflower, somewhere along life’s path my copy got lost. But one thing I remember about that book (which was amazing…) was how small the print was. Big book. Lots of wonderful words. Not enough pages. :-)

  18. 18
    Kristin says:

    Holy shit…a NEW hardback copy of The Windflower is going for over $140 on Amazon

  19. 19
    Kati says:

    I actually own three copies of The Windflower. One to loan, one to read and one to just be pristine and lovely on my shelf. It’s my favorite romance of all time, so I feel like the expense is warranted.

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