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From NPR, a song a dad wrote to help his daughter feel better about her hair, and about being different and special:

Have a weekend full of fabulous hairdays. You look marvelous!


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  1. 1
    Black Velvet says:

    And in case you haven’t seen the Sesame Street version of “Whip My Hair” with this same character…

  2. 2
    Carin says:

    As a white mom of an African American daughter, I love this video on so many levels!  We found it last week and watched it many times.  Another daughter said “Sissy!  She’s got hair like you!!!”  Which made me smile because they were both so giddy about it, but at the same time made me sad because it’s so rare.  The song is a total winner!!!

  3. 3
    Wendy says:

    (though it’s now going to be in my head all day.)

  4. 4
    Jennifer Armintrout says:

    “Whip My Hair” is awesome, too!

  5. 5
    AndreaZ says:

    I’m rather amused at the juxtaposition of the “I Love My Hair”  video expounding the joys of varietyand the post posing the question “Which is Her Real Hair?”

  6. 6
    Jan says:

    I’m having a bad hair day, and now I don’t care anymore!

    Is it just me or is Sesame Street particularly awesome lately?

    There’s this (and the Whip my Hair mash up is quite funny too), there was the Smell Like a Monster (and learn about the word on) video
    (Oh, how I love Grover)
    and the True Blood parody was quite awesome too.

  7. 7
    meardaba says:

    I really DO love my hair!  It is, as Amy says in Little Women, my “one true beauty”.  Curly and brown, all the way!

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