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Book CoverAhoy! Hark! A contest! Feel like creating a paranormal mashup of some Harlequin book cover copy? Wonder what happens when you mix Viscounts and Sirens, or Monsters and Mayberry? Diesel ebooks and Harlequin have paired up to do a Halloween contest, and they’ve asked me to judge the entries. You can read the full details at the official site (BE YE WARNED. DRAGONS AND AUTOPLAY MUSIC ARE THERE. PLEASE MUTE THE SPEAKERS) and check out the five titles you’re invited to get your mash-up on.

All entries are entered for a random drawing for a $50 gift card for Diesel ebooks, and the winner will get their choice of a nook or a Kobo reader. There’s also a Mash-up Meet-up on 28 October at The Brickyard in Hell’s Kitchen NYC where the finalists will be read aloud and the winner announced. I’ll totally be there, drinking red wine. Come join me!

In other ebook news, Orbit has launched the Orbit Drop, where, if you sign up, you’ll receive special ebook offers on discounts, bundles, 2-for-1 deals, and all kinds of crazy things each month. I get a lot of press releases about this deal and that sale and hey look, a free chicken with every ebook, but dude. DUDE. It’s Orbit. They make the good books. I’m all over this Orbit ebook business., a cooperative of print-published authors who are digitally releasing their backlist has its own website now, and there’s a lot of romance authors offering books to read. Have you read any of these authors? Any favorite books to recommend?



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  1. 1
    tricia says:

    Wonder if the Orbital Drop will also allow us poor disenfranchised Canadian residents to play? Or will they just let us look inside the steam-covered windows while Bob Cratchit and family sit at the table?

    I WANT MY GAIL CARRIGER, DAMMIT. And not in dead tree form.

  2. 2
    Merrian says:

    What tricia said! Death to geographic restrictions! I live in Australia and can’t get any of the great e-book offers whether it is Butterfly Swords from Kobo this month or Cold Magic by Kate Elliott.  I can buy these books in paper book format but not ‘e’.  I don’t want paper, I have no shelf space and the weight of books and the position I hold them makes it hard on my body.  These are all new books so imply new contracts between the author and publisher – at least signed over the past couple of years.  Why isn’t the issue of worldwide ‘e’ rights being addressed?  It would be great if we could hear from the publishers about this.  As it stands I haven’t spent my money but will be getting books from the library.

    my capcha is ‘economic68’ surely this is economic’s 101

  3. 3
    Literary Slut Kilian says:

    It works the other way, too.  I can’t get early Margaret Atwood for my Kindle, only dead-tree style.  Whatever happened to the Global Village concept?  I need it for my book group meeting in November, and now I’ll have to buy a used copy from Amazon and then dispose of it after.  I’m try sooo hard not to allow any more clutter into my house, but sometimes there’s no choice.

    direct97 – I’d like to direct all 97 of the gnomes who have geographic restrictions to get out of the 17th-century and in to the present.

  4. 4
    blackeros77 says:

    Gonna try my hand at the Mash-up. This should prove fun and interesting, though I do not envy you having to read and judge the entries.

  5. 5
    John says:

    Age restrictions kill me every time.  I love turning something serious into something fucked up hilarious.  :(  Oh well.  I guess we can’t do everything we want to.  They picked some great titles to work with. 

    And free idea that I want to see someone use:  BANANA SLUG PARANORMAL.  If you use it and win, then good for you.  :)  Of course, banana slugs are awesome, so it’s pretty certain the contest will be in your favor.  ;) 

    See?  They missed out on a great entry because of age restricitons.  Oh well, at least I don’t have to worry about taxes.  Perks!

  6. 6

    I’d like to fly the flag for Doranna Durgin on that Backlist Ebooks site. :D She started out as a fantasy author but writes a lot of paranormal romance these days; in particular, she’s got a fairly light but fun series about a bunch of shape-shifting types called Sentinels who have an ongoing war with another faction out to yoink their magic to rule the world.

    I really prefer her fantasy novels, though, and in particular I’m a big fan of her book A Feral Darkness. I reviewed it earlier this year here on my blog.

  7. 7
    Juls says:

    I love Orbit but the fact that the drop is only available in the U.S. sucks for us up in the great white North. The worst part, if you go to the sign up page they give you 2 options: U.S. or other coordinates. So even knowing I wasn’t going to be able to join I tried anyway. Stupid Orbit drop. I love u Orbit but right now I want to send u a really mean email. blah…

  8. 8
    SonomaLass says:

    OMG, are you freakin’ kidding me? C.J. Cherryh? One of the finest sci-fi writers EVAR. And Jacqueline Lichtenberg, creator of the Sime-Gen universe? Those books were some of my very earliest sci-fi romances, and I later spent big bucks to get them once they were OOP. Vonda N. McIntyre is another terrific sci-fi author.  This is terrific!

  9. 9
    Milena says:

    Vonda McIntyre is indeed terrific, and I think that her other e-outlet, the BookView Cafe, deserves special mention. They have many wonderful authors there, including the great Ursula LeGuin, their pricing is reasonable, and—at least to my knowledge—there are no geographical restrictions. Currently they’re even offering a free romance sampler, The Passionate Cafe.

    spamword: suddenly45. Eeek! I’m suddenly going to turn 45?!?

  10. 10
    Cathy B says:

    Anna the Piper I totally agree: A Feral Darkness was AWESOME and easily the best thing Doranna Durgin has written to date. Every new book of hers I grab and read hoping it will be as good and every time I am just a wee bit disappointed. Because she’s good, but…
    That book was amazing. I read it at first release (a lucky grab in a airport bookshop) and revisit regularly.

  11. 11
    Lynnd says:

    I join the chorus of the Cannucks and Aussies peering through Orbit’s window asking them to let us come in out of the cold.  I hate these stupid geographic restrictions!

  12. 12
    DS says:

    I signed up for the Orbit Bookdrop mainly because I wanted to have say on their survey, but it looks like the special sampler and Mr. Shivers are both available for Kindle on Amazon (and probably other places) to anyone who checks them out. 

    age67—oh, not yet, but wait a while.

  13. 13
    Jackie says:

    I recognized 2 names for sure:  C.J. CHERRYH & Patricia Rice. I really enjoy the later, the first not so much.  But she is a well respected sci-fi author.

    I received a book catalog in the mail today and immediately thought of the Smart Bitches when I saw the following title:

    Manhood: The Rise and Fall of the Penis by Meis van Driel, a Dutch urologist.  “. . . full of myths, lore, natural history, and medical information about the male nether regions.”  BN Review

    spam: perform78 – seems appropriate – LOL

  14. 14
    Ruth (CO) says:

    I recently read all of the Nell Sweeney mysteries by P.B. Ryan.  They have a romantic edge and both of the main characters in the story are flawed humans which the stories even more interesting.

  15. 15
    Ruth (CO) says:

    Please ignore my poor sentence structure in the prior comment.  I meant to say “which makes the stories even more interesting.:

  16. 16
    Tiffany sale says:

    drinking red wine. Come join me!

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