There, get that out of your head any time soon. HA!

Fresh from the dentist, where I had tips put on my canine teeth because I grind them, so I’m extra more VAMPIRE now (WOO!), here’s the publishing news that exploded in my inbox today:

First, Harlequin is rebranding, per a letter that was posted on e-Reads, and has a new logo. Plus they are eliminating the “Silhouette” name and consolidating under the “Harlequin”: brand:

In April 2011 our Silhouette series will become Harlequin series. As you know, Silhouette Nocturne became Harlequin Nocturne in June of this year. Special Edition, Romantic Suspense and Desire will appear with their new Harlequin brand in April. Rebranding the Silhouette series as Harlequin will ensure that these series benefit from the promotional resources dedicated to the Harlequin brand and will strengthen the Harlequin consumer brand as the market leader in romance fiction.

Also in April 2011, Love Inspired will replace Steeple Hill as the primary brand for our inspirational fiction publishing program. The Steeple Hill logo will no longer appear on the books.

While it is true that I shop by color at the eHarlequin site (Silhouette desire is red/yellow, Nocturnes are blue/silver/grey), I think this is a pretty smart choice, to brand under one name. Makes it less confusing, for one thing. But take note: I see nothing there that indicates that the Silhouette lines are disappearing, just that they’ll have new names. So fear not. Heroines with backbones are still ahoy. Thank heaven!

In other news, Heather Osborn is leaving Tor to join Samhain Publishing as Editorial Director. Osborn was with Ellora’s Cave before she joined Tor, so this is a return to digital publishing for her. Congrats, Heather!


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    You are so chirpy today given it is Monday and you visited the dentist.  Thanks for the news update and humor!

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    Erin says:

    Well, as long as there is SOMETHING to differentiate those horrible (to me) inspirational books.  Doesn’t have to be the steeple logo, but if I buy an inspirational romance by mistake because the blurb on the back says nothing about God, or reverend fathers, or missionaries, SO HELP ME, HARLEQUIN!!

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