Watch This Space! Sizzling Summer Book Club Chat Sunday Night

Sizzling Book ClubTune in at 9:30 pm EDT/8:30 pm CDT on Sunday night the 26th of September for our live Sizzling Summer Book Club Chat.  The window below will start scrolling with the funnyfunny and the polls and shenanigans, so I hope you’ll join us here. Author Anne Calhoun will be joining the chat at 10:30 EDT, and since this is an erotic novella, you can read it over the weekend.

See you Sunday night!


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    Kathleen says:

    So,  I did tons of yard work yesterday, with the end result being that I was passed out stone cold by 9pm EDT.  Only seconds after my kids.  Thankfully, I was able to read the chat this morning.  Thank you everyone for your comments on what works for you in EF.  I am taking it to heart and will try to meet those expectations for you in the future!

    Ha!  My Captcha is New44.  Hopefully that is good karma for being a NEWly published author b4 long!

  2. 2
    DrgnsLdy28 says:

    Well, that was an interesting book discussion.  Was kind of skimming through it at first and had to blink a few times to be sure I was reading what I thought I was reading. 
    As I said interesting discussion, sorry I missed it.

  3. 3
    Teri C says:

    Oh that was fun reading the chat today! I was out of town and did not make it, but the recap was hilarious!
    Thanx everyone.

  4. 4
    Tiffany sale says:

    I was out of town and did not make it, but the recap was hilarious!

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