The Contemporary Series Title Generator: The Voting!

Oh, the challenges of setting a schedule for yourself and then facing technological fuckwittery! But now that the poll software and I are getting along, LET THERE BE VOTING.

Below, the finalists I selected (wait, you wanted a poll of over 200 entries? No? DIDN’T THINK SO.) for your voting pleasure in the Contemporary Series Name Generator contest. Voting will close Sunday, so click and enjoy. The entries are below the poll.

Entry 1

For discriminating readers who love football and despise no-talent starlets, see Heidi Montag repeatedly demolished by bloodthirsty offensive linesmen in…The Football Hills

Entry 2

Hero escapes city life to make hootch in the mountains; heroine takes her hootchie on the road to find love…
Montana Moonshine Canal

Entry 3

The Sugar Cove Series. A sleepy seaside town is forever changed when the three sizzlin’ Sugar brothers arrive.

Entry 4

Destiny Dinghy (Book 1 of the Dinghy Series)
A fluke hurricane leaves hunky boat captain and shy bookworm afloat at sea. Will they be saved? What will they eat? Did she bring her HEA Pills??

Entry 5

The Teacup Lake series:
Tempest, Stormy, and China once talked about falling in love. Now they have come home, and somethings never change.

Entry 6

The Kindle Nook Series –
E-book erotica writers heat up the pages—and the sheets—as incompetent anti-porn crusaders attempt, but fail, to burn e-books.

Entry 7

The Comfort Inlet Series
Imagine! Alpha Males traumatized by urinal “peekers”!
Wonder! Women with Barcalounger-like vaginas!
Comfort has never been this sexy!

Entry 8

The Destiny Channel – The way to unwind at the end of a hard week—a little Tivo time with the girlfriends. Except – why are they onscreen? And who are those hot men?

Entry 9

Kumquat Canal

Ex-SEAL Mai-ti Wang uses his childhood ninja training to track the stunningly attractive, intriguingly elusive spy known as Majik Hu-ha.

Entry 10

The Napalm Pond Series
Conjoined triplets, developing their childhood sanctuary into a resort community, find friendship, family, and funky fauna.

Entry 11

The Nymphomaniac Dinghy Series
These sailors may have vessels smaller than most, but they sure know how to use them. . .

Entry 12

Ennui Canal
Will his apathetic attitude win her love? Will they fall in and drown? And do we really care?

Entry 13

The Hope Strait series
Hilariously miss-matched but devoted best galpals meet gorgeous, rich, smart, open-minded, well-hung studs, and, well …  (see series title)

Entry 14

The Zinfandel Lake series
Heartbroken, Riu Nietzsche vows never to love again. But can she drown her sorrows with sexy neighbor Ahn Ice?

Entry 15

The Sheikh Valley Series
A band of lost virgin stable girls wanders the desert until they stumble into the testosterone oasis of Sheikh Valley.

Entry 16

Happiness Nook
He knows where happiness lies…in her nook…and her crannies.

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  1. 1
    Ella D. says:

    I think Kumquat Canal would make an excellent euphemism, if not the name of a series. *wink wink*

  2. 2
    SuperiorJane says:

    I agree !!

  3. 3
    Literary Slut Kilian says:

    Ack!  Too many good choices here.  I want to read all these stories.

  4. 4
    LisaCharlotte says:

    Teacup Lake is clever, but my vote goes to Ennui Canal. I crack up every time I read it     Also, it’s fitting that I first learned the word ennui reading old skool romance.

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