Sizzling Summer Book Club Selection: What She Needs by Anne Calhoun

Book CoverTime for the last Sizzing Summer Book Club selection to mark the official end of summer (here in the northern hemisphere anyway). My selection this time is erotic, and it’s a digital novella, and it’s rather steamy with a bit of a puzzle to it, and I cannot wait to chat with everyone about it. Ready? Get your phones, digital readers, computers, and electronic devices ready, as we’re reading Anne Calhoun’s What She Needs.

The cover copy is so minimal – but I think it’s a good tease:

When Jack calls and tells me to meet him at the hotel bar, I know two things: he wants to sleep with me, and I will let him.
That’s the rule. If I meet him, I do what he asks, when he asks. I’m free to decline his invitation, but if I accept, I’ll do what I’m told.
I always accept.

You can get a digital copy from the Sizzling Summer Book Club partner All Romance eBooks with a sexy 50% rebate – just use coupon code “SBTBARE” at checkout. You can also shop at Amazon or pretty much any other digital book vendor. It’s a Harlequin Spice title so there are plenty of options for you.

When will the chat be? It’s SUNDAY NIGHT BOOK CLUB, BABY! The chat will be Sunday 26 September at 930pm EDT/830pm CDT. Author Anne Calhoun will join us at 10:30 EDT/9:30 CDT to discuss the book. As usual, there will be prizes and the possibility of drunken shenanigans, particularly if I whip out the cocktails app on my iPad and start mixing. I’ve mastered the lemon drop martini and the amaretto sour (that’s Hubby’s face) but it might be time for something very slick and sexy to go with an erotic novella, yes?

And, for further good news, the book club will continue through December 2010 – -Yay! I’ll be selecting one book per month to discuss, and All Romance eBooks will continue to offer a rebate or coupon, depending on the book. So bring on your recommendations and your ideas for this fall. I’m also cooking up a crazy book-o-palooza-fiesta for the December holidays, so watch for more crazy pants there, too.

Can I just mention I love this book club? I love chatting with everyone about what you think of different romances. It is so much fun. Thanks for making it so fun, silly, and awesome. See you on the 26th!



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  1. 1

    Ooo- A book I already have and have been meaning to read for awhile. Good choice!

  2. 2
    Jeannie says:

    I’ll go ahead and put my two cents in now since I can’t participate Sunday night (wah!).

    I’ve read this novella and it is fantastic. I loved Anne’s writing so much that I sought out her other stuff, which sadly is only the yummy Liberating Lacey.

    What She Needs is told in the first person and there is a twist but you’ll love it.

    Enjoy, ladies!!

  3. 3
    Jill Shalvis says:

    Loved Liberating Lacey and am downloading this new one.  See ya Sunday.  :)

  4. 4
    Angela James says:

    Oh, I read this book a few weeks ago. I’m usually not a fan of the super short Spice Briefs, but I thought this one was really quite good and I recommended it on Goodreads. Great choice!

  5. 5
    Teri C says:

    hahaha this looks to be a hilarious chat. Title leaves much fodder for numerous conversations.  I love the halloween background on the book chat widget on the side.
    Also i love the sunday night chat idea, and yeah mix up some apps.

  6. 6
    Laurel says:

    Just read it after this post. I’m hoping that I can make it for the chat! There were some interesting things being explored in this short. I was surprised on more than one level.

  7. 7
    Jessica M.D. says:

    Yay!  I’ll finally be able to take part in the chat (every other time I had to work—stupid pm shifts)!

  8. 8
    Suze says:

    It’s still summer somewhere out there?  It snowed here yesterday.  Melted right away, but still.  I had to scrape frozen rain off my windshield this morning.

    In a word:  WAAAAHHH!

  9. 9
    John says:

    Aw, this means I can’t participate.  I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate…

    Anyway, I’d love to see another YA selection, because the write book can REALLY get people talking, and I loved the chat last time.  So much fun!  :)

  10. 10
    Carrie says:

    no, no, not an ebook, nooo…

    I’m way to prudish for erotic romance but for you, Bitches, I’d give it a try if only I had a digital reader.  I have to admit, I’m already irritated by the blurb.  I HATE being told what to do!  See yo at the next book club, for sure – I can’t believe I’m missing two in a row *sniff*

  11. 11
    Jane says:

    I am a big fan of Liberating Lacey and think it is one of the better erotic romances I’ve read in a long time.  Anne Calhoun has a great way of getting you into the headspace of the characters while showing their physical interaction.

  12. 12
    Jennifer says:

    Um, why is Amazon telling me it is unavailable to customers in the US? Anyone else having that problem?

  13. 13
    meardaba says:

    Romance eBooks wouldn’t give me the 50% off, and I’m not sure why.  But oh well, I want to read it so I will.  I hope everyone enjoys the extra $2 CND I spent!

  14. 14
    Rebecca says:

    Jennifer, you have to click on the kindle version. If you look for the book through the kindle store, you should find it. I hope that helps!

  15. 15
    Robin says:

    I have not read What She Needs yet, but Jane nagged me until I read Liberating Lacey, and I am so glad she did, because it is one of the best ER’s I’ve read in a long time. Calhoun creates intimacy on several levels at once, and I found both Lacey and Hunter multi-dimensional and relatable. Confident but still vulnerable, both characters really felt fresh and original to me, and Calhoun’s voice is extremely engaging.

    All of which is by way of saying that I hope a lot of people give Calhoun’s work a try, and What She Needs seems a pretty risk-free way to do so.

  16. 16
    Kathleen says:

    First, you don’t need an e-reader to read this.  I did it on my laptop with Adobe E-reader.  Kudos to the All-Romance website for helping me get everything downloaded correctly PDQ!

    But oh, it’s SHORT!!!  Disappointingly SHORT!!!

    I decided I wanted to participate in this discussion because I’m writing a full length novel of EF which I’m hoping to sell to EC’s Branded line.  Which happens to be just where THIS story would fit too.  I wanted to hear what other fans and readers are saying they love, love, love, and cannot stand in their erotica.  Market research as it were. 

    I want more, more, more of this story.  It’s fascinating.  It has such potential.  I love the characters and I want to know them more, more, more.  Anyway.  See ya Sunday, ladies.

  17. 17
    Margaret says:

    I’m excited for this discussion. Loved the story – excellent selection!

  18. 18
    Tiffany sale says:

    See you on the 26th!

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