Last Call to Win a Bed!

Don’t forget: you have until later tonight to enter to win a $2000.00 US gift certificate to Tempurpedic from Avon Books. US entries only, and alls you have to do is share a wedding night story. Full details at the entry.

Wow, just typing this makes me want a nap.

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    appomattoxco says:

    Too bad I never had a wedding night.

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    Bridget Gordan says:

    This is a bit of a stretch beyond wedding night, but a week or so after our wedding my new husband and I traveled to visit his family since they couldn’t come to the wedding. We slept in his teenage brother’s room. It had one twin bed with a grungy comforter and no top bed sheet (???). I ended up sleeping on the floor for a week since we are both tall and he is a big guy. Not married to him any more!

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    Rhonda says:

    Wedding night….hmmmm? Oh, Yeah! We spent it SLEEPING. Not to exciting. I’m sure I probably had a really great dream that night though! LOL!

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    My parents didn’t want me to get married- so we were engaged for over 2 years- and then finally managed to convince my father it was ok. He was a minister and performed the ceremony which was good…
    It rained cats and dogs so badly that my husband’s car wouldn’t work at all- (it was a VERY OLD resurrected VW bug) so our friends loaned us their car. About half the way there, the windshield wiper on the driver’s side gave out so we drove with water streaming down the windshield.

    We delivered my bouquet to a friend who was dying of cancer and couldn’t get to the wedding- and then on to a hotel in the city where her hospital was.

    When we got to the hotel, we barely got inside and discovered that right next to us was a very drunk guy arguing VERY loudly- so we had to get our rooms changed.

    Finally we got changed- I had this really neat pale blue pleated gown with white lace inset- felt really elegant… Anyway as I came out of the bathroom where I’d changed (to surprise him 8^) we both looked at each other and realized that FINALLY after being engaged for over 2 years we’d finally managed to get married.
    We were so crazy with glee we jumped up on the bed and joined hands and jumped up and down – for quite awhile- we were just ecstatic!- the rest is censored 8^)

    We only had a weekend and it ended with us arriving at our apartment to discover that my brothers had trashed the place- put confetti in our bed, all our books, saran-wrapped the toilet (nasty) etc. It took us weeks to figure out why the shower had such little pressure- they’d filled it with tinfoil!

    BUT we were married! And happy as 2 bugs in a rug!
    That was 37 years ago and we’re still together. That’s because after we quit jumping I told him I’d be a widow but never a divorcee 8^). 

    My parents said it would never last and even offered me $20,000 to leave him, but I’m still here and glad I am. I have a chronic illness now and he takes wonderful care of me.

    Anyway- that’s about it – but it’s MY wedding night story!

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