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From Romantic Alice, who lost a wonderful book featuring very sound medical advice:

I read this about 10 years ago, but it was probably older than that as I got
it in a give away bin. It got donated on accident and I can’t find out what
it is.

It takes place in “the West.” I don’t remember the exactly location or
the hero/ heroines name. Our hero and heroine find themselves having to
share ownership of a building- I think because the original owner sold it to
both of them, but I don’t quite remember. He opens a sporting good shop in
his half of the store and she opens an academy for young ladies to learn
good manners.

The scene I remember the most though is when she takes over running the
store for a day because he’s fishing or something, and she mistakes a jock
strap/athletic cup for an elbow supporter for when men go out hunting. She
wears said jock strap all day long on her elbow to demonstrate it for all
the customers. They are of course embarrassed and she sells them to everyone
and is enormously pleased with herself. When the hero comes back he tells
her the truth, she is mortified, he comforts her, and they have sex on the
counter of his store.

It was a really great book, and I’d really like to figure out what it is
because it’s been bothering me for awhile. Thanks for any help.

This is so going to be my costume on Halloween. I hope no one tries to tell me what my elbow brace is really for. Anyone recognize this book? And where would we be without romance to assist us with troublesome medical problems?



Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Azure says:

    I think what you’re looking for is Stef Ann Holm’s Harmony, which is the first book in a series of four.  Here’s a brief description I found:

    When prim deportment teacher Edwina Huntington finds herself co-owner of a warehouse with rugged sportsman Tom Walcott, togetherness in Harmony, Montana, is anything but. Yet they’re both helpless in the face of the powerful attraction that explodes between them, and soon the battle of the sexes rages in a new direction—true love.

    Is this the book? :)

  2. 2
    mia says:

    Yay!  I finally know one and Azure is right.  I love me my Stef Ann Holm and I have that book on my keeper shelf. : )

  3. 3
    Jessica C says:

    Ahahaha!  That was quick! Way to go!

    I love me some HaBO, I think we need a forum!

    hospital55: I hope to avoid the hospital until ate 55, except maybe to have a baby. =)

  4. 4
    Patsy says:

    I loved this book and series.  Thanks for reminding me about it.  I think my favorite one was “Honey,”  where the beautiful blonde princess of the town takes over the baseball team.

  5. 5
    Donna says:

    My father’s old favorite – doesn’t know her ass from her elbow – comes to mind.

  6. 6

    Thank you so much Azure! That’s it! Can’t wait to read it again!

  7. 7
    Vixenbib says:

    Excellent work, Bitches.

  8. 8
    Daz says:

    “When the hero comes back he tells her the truth, she is mortified, he comforts her, and they have sex on the counter of his store.” .. LOL. Thanks.

  9. 9
    Azure says:

    Glad I could help you out, Romantic Alice.

    Now I think I’m going to have to go back and reread that series…

  10. 10
    SB Sarah says:

    I love when someone gets it in one – stay tuned Azure. Massive coronation coming up!

  11. 11
    SonomaLass says:

    Yay, titles are coming!!

  12. 12
    Azure says:

    Whoo-hoo!!!! :)

  13. 13
    Tiffany sale says:

    Here’s a brief description I found:

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