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Heads up Melbourne, and Aussies with a web connection: I’ll be on 744 ABC Melbourne radio on Sunday. It’ll still be Saturday here, but I believe 8:30 pm EDT is 11:30 am in Melbourne the following day, right? Either way, 11:30 am in Oz is when you’ll likely hear me talking to Alan Brough about erotic fiction and erotic fan fiction. I believe the broadcast is streamed online at the ABC Melbourne website, so you should be able to listen in, even if you’re not in Melbourne.

Got recommendations of your favorite, particularly erotic fan fic retellings? Which pairing rocks your world? I’ve always LOVED erotic fanfic of characters who haven’t done it yet, or who might have but were very cagey about it. As wise commenter India pointed out via email in the Scarecrow & Mrs King discussion, what can really sustain interest in a series is not “will they or won’t they” but “are they or aren’t they?” Erotic fan fiction can satisfy the the sexual tension that’s building, or create a whole new world of tension (poor Harry Potter. He pretty much got busy with everyone at Hogwarts in fanfictionland. The boy who livedindeed).

What’s your favorite pairing? Which did you like the least? And if you’ve got Alan Brough erotic fanfic, PLEASE let me know!


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    Eva Lynn says:

    I’ve read some really nice Aziraphale & Crowley (from Good Omens) slash… and speaking of Harry Potter, Sirius/Remus!

    My favourite ‘erotic’ fan fiction ever, though, is “Gallant is Aroused; Goofus is Horny” by David Doty.  PURE GENIUS, I tell you.  Genius!

  2. 2
    Eva Lynn says:

    Oops—for a more direct link, try this one. >_>

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    JJ says:

    I’m pretty positive X-Files smut was my introduction to sex and erotica when I was about 10. I think the fanfic was called “Dance without Sleeping” by Lydia Bower (…I even remember the author’s name) and it’s like…epic. It deals with Scully’s cancer and her relationship with Mulder and oh my, there was angst. Much angst. It was hot. *fans mental 10-year-old self* Link here!

    X-Files fandom had some amazing writers; I still remember some of their names and my favourite stories: Floaters by Madeleine Partous (Mulder and Scully investigate a mystery in South Beach—hilarious and kinda sexy), Hardball by…either by Dasha K. or Plausible Deniability (classic makeover story), Alanna, Leyla Harrison, et al. (Dude, if I read romance novels, I might excel at HABO.)

    Strangely enough, I also read more age-relevant fanfic, like Sailor Moon (…I won’t even go there; there were certain areas of this fandom I was afraid to go) and ReBoot (all of which is charmingly PC).

    Also, Harry Potter. I even wrote some fanfic. Harry Potter fandom introduced me to slash (Harry/Draco) and Harry Potter fanfiction introduced me to the awesome that is Sarah Rees Brennan. (Like, technically I’ve known of SRB since I was 16 years old. About a decade before her novel was published.)

    I often turned to fanfiction, especially when I was younger, when I wasn’t satisfied with the romantic storylines in the TV shows or movies I watched or the books I read. As I grew older, especially in HP fandom, I began to see it as writing exercises—taking character A and making him/her fall in love with character B and making it believable, etc. Yet at a certain point I lost interest in fandom (in general). I’m not sure why that is.

  4. 4
    Nicole says:

    My one and only foray into erotic fanfic was a Star Wars story that featured Qi Gong being kidnapped, raped and sexually tortured by Boba Fett.  I was extremely disturbed and never read another piece of fanfic.  What can I say? I’m a sensitive soul…

  5. 5
    Keziah Hill says:

    I love Alan Brough. Have you ever watched Spicks and Specks? I think you can catch an episode or two on ABC TV’s iView Search for Spicks and Specs. He knows everything that could ever be known about music.

  6. 6
    Sycorax says:

    Harry Potter fandom introduced me to slash (Harry/Draco) and Harry Potter fanfiction introduced me to the awesome that is Sarah Rees Brennan. (Like, technically I’ve known of SRB since I was 16 years old. About a decade before her novel was published.)

    I was also a Sarah Rees Brennan fangirl from following her fan fiction, though in my case only about three years before The Demon’s Lexicon came out. She made Harry/Draco pretty damn convincing (as well as hilarious and/or moving). I read quite a bit of HP fic – and there’s some wonderful stuff out there – but SRB’s really got to me. Another pairing I liked was Sirius/Remus, mainly due to The Shoebox Project.

    It was interesting how – within the HP fandom at least – slash is generally of a higher quality than het. I read some of each, but most of the het I read was terribly written and involved lengthy erotic fantasies and the protagonists either behaving completely out of character or like parodies of themselves.

    I find I can’t read fan fic for books/shows I care too deeply about, so I’ve only read bits and pieces outside the Harry Potter fandom, and nothing’s really taken. Cassandra Claire’s Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings is comedy gold.

    What’s really disturbing is finding slash of childhood favourites. I discovered a Dark is Rising and an Enid Blyton slash community on livejournal, and it was awhile before my brain stopped hurting. I just don’t want to know what Chinky and the Wishing Chair get up to when the children are in bed…

  7. 7
    Chicklet says:

    In fan fiction, I’m partial to m/m slash; my current pairing of choice is Gibbs/DiNozzo from NCIS, and pairings I’ve read in the past include Clark/Lex of Smallville, McKay/Sheppard in Stargate Atlantis, Casey/Dan from Sports Night and Beecher/Keller in Oz. (That last one is even canon!)

    Like the romance genre, fanfic runs the gamut from sweet to very explicit, and I’ve been lucky enough to find good writers in all of my fandoms who can write that whole gamut. In terms of sheer hotness (YMMV, of course), some of my favorites are: Words (Gibbs/DiNozzo), Interrogative (Gibbs/DiNozzo), and Fair Trade (Casey/Dan).

    (And yes, I’ve written fanfic, although most of my recent stuff has been gen [non-sexual], written for a contest where it seemed politic to avoid including any pairing, but especially a slash one. But in my head, there’s a sequel to this Gibbs-DiNozzo gen story in which they’re involved. Now I just have to write it. *g*)

    (Also, I’ve checked the HTML coding on all of those links several times, so I hope I didn’t bork it.)

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    IntelligenceProgramDelta says:

    Probably my favorite fanfic of all time would have to be this one: Locks and Keys Not only did it make me fall in love with the York/Delta pairing it is just beyond brilliant.

  9. 9
    SusanL says:

    Cedric/Hermione]Minisinoo’s HP Fanfic[/url]

    The author goes by Minisinoo.  I understand she is a published author and academic, who enjoyed writing fanfic for HP, X-Men, and a few pieces for Twilight – NOT Bella/Edward-centric. 

    In Finding Himself Cedric survives, but is gravely injured.  The sequel is Dulce et Decorum Est

    These aren’t really erotic(a), but there’s something sensual about her writing.  If I knew who she was, I think I would have to buy everything she’s published. 

    Min has a good-size body of work.  She closed her site, The Medicine Wheel, but most of her work can be found on other sites.  She is an amazingly gifted author.

  10. 10
    SusanL says:

    Maybe this will work? 

  11. 11
    Faellie says:

    There’s lots of good stuff to keep people entertained at inclu,ding Stargate Atlantis and NCIS erotic m/m fan fiction.

    night 31 – you’d need more than a month of nights.

  12. 12
    cmm says:

    My favorite pairing is a trio-ing—Nine/Rose/Jack from Doctor Who, during the brief happy period where all 3 were travelling together after Jack was rescued from his exploding ship and before the events of the season finale started.  On the show this covers one episode but the little throwaway bits in that show how much they all like each other.  So according to the fanfic authors out there, there are lots and lots of unseen but fun adventures that happened between those two episodes. 

    Second favorite would have to be Rose and 10.5 in the alternate universe, trying to work out a relationship when they’ve both been terribly hurt and betrayed by the Doctor.

  13. 13
    SB Sarah says:

    I’m about to go on the air- G’day Australia!

  14. 14
    flipsockgrrl says:

    Alan Brough knows lots about music, is learning about romance—he hosted an entertaining session at the Wheeler Centre earlier this month. “A Fine Romance: beyond the bodice-ripper” was a panel discussion among authors Stephanie Laurens, Marion Lennox and Lili Wilkinson.

    Having agreed that it’s rude to ask how much money a romance author makes, Brough’s final question to the panel was “How many books have you sold?” Marion answered first: “I stopped counting after 20 million.” Stephanie agreed: “Me too.” Lili laughed and protested, “I’m young! I’m very young!”

  15. 15
    sableheart says:

    I missed it due to work, but found the audio on the site =)

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