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HaBO: Lost All the eBooks in a Hard Drive Crash

Dusk writes a very sad tale, with bonus shapeshifting WTFery:

Horror of horrors my computer gets a HUGE fucking virus, causing me to have
to re configure my computer. and in the process lose ALL of my Ebooks. I was
reading this one and i had only gotten a little into it but what i had read
should be enough for SOMEONE to identify it (having spent the last five
hours trying to find this books name I’m desperate) I can’t remember all
the characters names but here is what i know -

It’s a M/M/F Erotic romance number where the two guy also are into each

The chick is a witch who works sex magic (i think she calls it red magic)
and she’s in love/mated to a Lion shape shifter called (if I’m not
horrible mistaken) Jude (or something to that effect) Well Jude (or whatever
his name is) goes off for a walk ends up shifting and killing a dog or two,
this gets the attention of some of the neighbours (also in this universe
everybody is aware of Shape shifters and the like) and the police send a guy
(can’t remember his name for the life of me) who is a Coyote shape shifter
on this stuff called “Drozz” which suppresses his animal side, and he ends
up in the witch and Jude’s head and out of it and seeing it in third person
(not really sure how its explained) while they are having sex, and somehow
he gets pulled either inside the house itself or inside the wards that she
had put up around the house…

Later(after a nice WTF are you doing in my house, and why do i want to screw
you scene) Jude goes out for another walk and gets kidnapped and Witch
thinks that the coyote dude had something to do with it and is all pissed at
him while he’s having a crisis over his sexuality and so she calls him
telepathically and he comes which means that he didn’t have anything to do
with it..they end up kissing and he decides to not use “Drozz” anymore -
and then my computer crashes.. Followed by lots of screams of “NO!” and
“(Insert favorite colorful metaphor)”

At least when your bookshelf falls over, you can put them back on the shelf with only a few creases. But hard drive crashes – oh, I shudder. May I recommend Get Dropbox? A good place to store all your ebooks.

Anyone recognize this book?


Help a Bitch Out

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