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Gosh you’d think the internet was really for p0rn or pictures of cats, but really, it’s all about WOMEN. Heh. And not in the porny sense, either.

From an article from Bob d’Awessome, women not only rule mobile social networking, but we rule social media, too.

This doesn’t surprise me now that I’ve thought about it. I barely have time to return phone calls and have long conversations but I text all day with friends all over the country about new babies, Tylenol recalls (yes, my children’s pain relief options are now down to bourbon and schnapps), and whatever else is going on. Perhaps that’s typical of most women – we keep in touch in tiny … doses of connection. (Heaven help me, I almost wrote, “we keep in touch in tiny snatches.” There. You can enjoy that as much as I am).

If you missed it when I pimped it earlier, Brenda Novak’s Diabetes Auction is on, much like Donkey Kong and other things that are on. I neglected to link to the item I have up for bid: a shiny, sparkly (maybe) author interview here at the hot pink Bitch palace. According to the listing, these author interviews might possibly have super powers, but the specific super powers are not confirmed.


Book Cover Finally, I was reading RT magazine after picking up a free issue at the RT convention (thanks!) and found a very fun “where are they now” article. Still no word on where Laura London/Sharon & Tom Curtis are, but Alexis Harrington’s profile had a very cool bit of info: she’s made her entire backlist available digitally for Kindle and for download on Smashwords.

Given how many reviews I read from people who loved her books, I downloaded Harper’s Bride, a 1997 western historical set in the 1890’s Yukon gold rush – in Dawson City, Canada, to be precise. A young woman, Melissa, is sold by her craptastic piece of dung husband to a store keeper in Dawson City to settle his debt to the store – and they fight crime!

I’m kidding – the storekeeper and his bride are trying to ignore a nice slow-burn attraction compounded by the young bride’s history of abuse, her unwillingness to allow her husband’s debt to remain unpaid, and her dedication to her infant daughter. Plus the storekeeper, the Harper of the title, is hot and tends to shave in the morning with his shirt off, tempting poor Melissa despite his assurances that this is a marriage of barely-convenient. I’m really enjoying it so far – have you read any?

ETA: Lisa alerted us in the comments to $1 off coupons at Alexis Harrington’s site at Smashwords through May 10 – woot!

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    Sonic says:

    I read Harper’s Bride when I was about 12 or 13 – and I didn’t ever pick it up again – partly because I enjoyed it so much that I am not sure I want to read it again and have my memories of it ruined (as has happened with nearly EVERY romance book I loved when I was a young teenager – guess your standards are lower when you know next to nothing about life or love).

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    Debbie Q says:

    Oh I loved that one. In fact it might have been the first Alexis Harrington that I read. I will have to back and look at the spreadsheet.

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    DS says:

    I do wonder if she is making a mistake by pricing at $4.25.  Her only competition is her penny paperbacks ($4.00 including shipping and handling).  While she might be selling like hotcakes,  the $4.25 price point not only feels a bit awkward.  I wonder if it would be more tempting to readers if she just dropped it to $3.99 or even $2.99.  Personally the $2.99 or below is my impulse buy point, I don’t even bothering to download a sample, I just go for the buy button if I am at all interested.

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    ChristaB says:

    DS, most of her books are $3.99 on Smashwords. I agree though, under $3 is golden.

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    Lisa says:

    The prices of those books have tempted me to buy some! Ebooks are ridiculously expensive here in the UK (oftentimes the electronic version of a book will cost the same or MORE than a papercopy!), but $3.99 is very affordable!

    Just thought I’d make other people thus tempted aware that the author is offering $1 off on quite a few of her titles via Smashwords coupon codes.

    All codes are on her website:

    Not affiliated in anyway, just thought I’d share!

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    Gemma says:

    Following this post I went to smashwords and bought Harper’s Bride (which I really enjoyed) and A Taste of Heaven (which I started right after finishing Harper’s Bride).

    I like the sound of a lot of her plot summaries, and her writing is very strong. Thanks for introducing me to this author!

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    I heard your suggestion and I’ve taken it to heart. From now on, all my titles at are 2.99. After June 30, they will also be 2.99 at Kindle.

    I’m kind of new to this digital thing so I’m still finding my way.

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