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From Rebecca: I don’t know if I can express how much I want books with boomerang action. Let alone the ray gun eyes. I might be in a battle with the staff at Jezebel to own a set of these.


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Tina C. says:

    HAHAHAHA!  That’s awesome!  What did that come from originally?

  2. 2
    Trish says:

    Bwahahahahahahahaha!  That is my new favorite clip.  “Brontesaurus comes with barrier breaking feminist vision.”  Awesome.

  3. 3
    Barb says:

    Thank you for my morning laugh—Brontesaurus indeed!  I need these dolls! Bwahahaha! (I have learned to put my tea cup down before opening your site—no more drink damaged keyboards or screens that way!)

  4. 4

    These kick ass girls could knock Pirate Captain Barbie off of my toy shelf!  Thanks for sharing, it made my morning.

  5. 5
    Val says:

    I love the fact that Anne has a menacing scowl and the Brontesaurus barrier-breaking-feminist-vision was freaking classic.

  6. 6
    MelB says:

    I love these!!! I wanna set to play with. Happy Friday, Everyone!

  7. 7
    Mikie J says:

    Oh, wow!  That was fantastic! I totally want Anne. I love how angry she looked…

  8. 8
    cories says:

    ROTFL!  Too bad I didn’t like any of those Bronte books when I was young.  Still, Brontesaurus!  LOL!

  9. 9
    ghn says:

    Oh my! I want a brontësaurus!!!

  10. 10
    sandra says:

    Anne’s Tenant of Wildfell Hall was actually better than Agnes Grey.  I guess it took too long to say.  :-D

  11. 11
    robinjn says:

    Oh, oh…(laughing helplessly) BRONTESAURUS! (slips out of chair and onto floor, stomach aching, where dogs proceed to jump upon her head)

  12. 12
    Kalen Hughes says:

    Ok, that’s effing brilliant!

  13. 13
    JamiSings says:

    That’s why I find Jane Eyre so boring – not enough I Love Lucy-esce disguises and laser eye beams!

  14. 14
    JamiSings says:

    That’s why I find Jane Eyre so boring – not enough I Love Lucy-esce disguises and laser eye beams!

  15. 15
    JamiSings says:

    ACK! How the heck did that post twice?

  16. 16
    Brianna says:

    Possibly the best toys in history! WANT NOW!

  17. 17
    eaeaea says:

    Love it!
    Combines my love of books, female authors, transformers with some kick-ass girl power.
    Ticks all the boxes.
    Thanks SBs

  18. 18
    Gary says:

    I’m not buying into this unless you call them Action Figures.

  19. 19
    Tessa says:

    Must. Have. Now.  If not for me, then for my two daughters.  Or at least I can use them as the excuse, “Yeeesss, I’m buying this toy…for my girls!  Yes, that’s it!  For them.  Not me.  What would make you think they are for me?  Oh, the bitter, maniacal laugh as I fondle the “barrier-breaking feminist vision” button?   

    Love the neck ruff on the Brontesaurus.  And why is the pudding not included?

  20. 20
    Karen says:

    @Tessa: Because they didn’t eat their meat? ;)

  21. 21
    orangehands says:

    I must buy Brontesaurus and team it up with Austenrex.


  22. 22
    redcrow says:

    Are they… really real? Because I want them. No matter how I hated Wuthering Heights.

  23. 23
    Lexie says:

    @Karen, well played, madam. Well played.

  24. 24
    Jacqueline Wilson says:

    OMG!!!!! That was soooo great ROFLMAO yes me want!  I also want the Austenrex someone else mentioned!!!!!!

  25. 25
    EbonyMcKenna says:

    Too much fun! Thanks for sharing this one, it’s a ripper.

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