ADWOFF Cares for Tennessee Flood Victims

Nora Roberts’ ADWOFF fan community is raising money for flood victims to donate to Disaster Recovery Services of Dyer County, TN, where one of their community members lives. Dyersburg is about 3 hours away from Nashville. You can see aerial footage of the flooding in Dyersburg on YouTube.

According to the Dyer Disaster website they are “a volunteer group which provides Recovery Services in the event of a disaster affecting the residents of Dyer County, Tennessee. We do so by coordinating the work of governmental authorities, non-profit organizations, businesses, and caring individuals to meet the needs of persons in Dyer County affected by disaster. We are a United Way Partner operating under the authority of the YMCA of Dyer County.” I am not finding an organization by that name on Charity Navigator, but the organization has been around since 2006 after a tornado caused massive destruction in northwest Tennessee.

Nora Roberts has pledged to match the donations up to $100,000.00. Checks can be made out to Dyer Disaster Organization and mailing are on the ADWOFF site. You can use Paypal to make a gift. To do so, click “Send money,” then click the personal tab & choose gift; otherwise a fee will be charged.

There are few communities as generous as the romance community, especially in the wake of disaster. What other Nashville initiatives have you seen? And if you’re in Tennessee, how you doing?

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    Kathleen Bittner Roth says:

    Do the Write Thing For Nashville is auctioning off all kinds of goodies from agents and authors. Check out all the literary agents jumping in to offer their services and the WOW responses they are getting. This is one hopping website to visit.

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    Lyssa says:

    Local communities are pitching in. The Titans football team is spending days helping clean up homes in the poorest areas of the city. Musicians are doing charity concerts, but this is a slow process. I am lucky enough to live in a community that avoided the majority of the damage so I have been traveling to Nashville to volunteer when I can. My parents have rebuilt the levee at their home 50 miles south of nashville.

    covered58=We were lucky only 51 not 58 counties got covered by water

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    Kathleen got the one major one I knew of, Do the Write Thing for Nashville-all sort of cool stuff going on there.

    And NR, as always, rocks.

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    rebyj says:

    We’re slowly but surely getting our flooded basement cleared. Hands On Nashville removed most of the contents. A most welcome group of energetic men and women who spent 4 hours emptying out what they could.

    We still have two small rooms to clear out but that’s mostly scrap lumber that didn’t get wet so it’s not a priority. We’ve got the main area of the basement all shoveled out and dried out and are now in the process of bleaching the walls and floors to stop the mold/mildew issues.

    The city is doing an excellent job from what I’ve seen of removing the debris from the street and also securing the most affected neighborhoods so looters aren’t packing stuff off before homeowners can go through their own items for salvageable items.

    It’s great to hear the romance community coming together to help and I’m happy to see that the other cities along the flooded rivers/creeks are getting some notice and attention.

    So from this Nashvillian you get much appreciation and thanks!

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