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This year at RT, I will be presenting two sessions and helping out with a third. Along with Angela James and Jane Litte, I’m presenting a session on digital reading on Friday 30 April at 11:15am. We are going to have a veritable smorgasbord, dare I say, a cornucopia of digital reading devices for you to fondle and ask questions about. Jane, Angie and I will talk a bit about the differences and the challenges to switching to digital reading, and there will be a digital reading device to win for those who attend courtesy of AllRomanceeBooks.com and OmniLit.com.

Plus we will be recommending a few romance novels for session attendees to try at a very spiffy discount, also from AllRomanceeBooks.com and OmniLit.com

Before that, at 10am, Jane and I will host a live Save the Contemporary session with Louisa Edwards and Julie James. We will be talking about what makes contemporary romance work, what readers are looking for, and what books theses contemporary authors have coming up next for us to enjoy. So if you like contemporary romance as much as we do, come on over. 

Plus, for total fun and silliness, I am calling a bingo game. Yes. Bad Boy Bingo, baby. Thursday the 29th of April at 130pm, I will be calling a bingo game with Alyssa Day, Victoria Dahl, and Cindy Holby aka Colby Hodge- only from what I hear,  this will not be like any bingo game you ever saw. For one thing, the prizes will rock. And for another, merely getting bingo might not guarantee the prize. It’s right after lunch so you can relax and play games with excellent rewards for joining in.

The RT website launch party promises to be supremely fun, too, especially because Morgan Doremus, RT web diva, is among the best people I know. That’s on Thursday night at 6pm- worth attending just to meet Morgan and to celebrate the kicking new RT website. Have you seen it? It is spiffy. 

What are you looking forward to at RT this year? What sessions will you absolutely not miss? And please, got food or restaurant Recommendations? See yinz in Ahia where my Pixberg accint is shur ta reappear n’at.    

IPad substitutions of humor: “digital easing” for “digital reading.” I wish it were easier for folks to try digital. Wishful thinking there, iPad.

Romance novels? Ha. Try “romance oboes.” yes. That makes total sense.


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  1. 1
    Tina C. says:

    Given how close it is (about 3 hrs or so), I might try to get up there for the book signing on Saturday, but unfortunately, I can’t attend more than that.  Maybe next year.

  2. 2
    KristieJ says:

    Well, I’m planning on attending the workshop you, Jane and Angie are holding.  I think it’s only a matter of time that I get myself an ereader.  I’m looking forward to the Trivia Pursuit contest so I can finally put to good use all the useless trivia that fills my brain.
    I’m not sure about others – there are so many to choose from.
    But you didn’t mention one other event I’m looking forward to – the Mullet Wig Wearing event *g*

  3. 3

    I can’t wait to leave tomorrow. I have a long drive to get to RT, but I know it’ll be worth it. I plan on attending your bingo gig. It sounds like a blast along with your ebook workshop with Jane and Angela.

    KristieJ you should definitely invest in an ereader. You’ll love it. I use a PDA for my ereading and can’t wait to get my hands on a Kobo coming out next month.

  4. 4
    SB Sarah says:

    Question: is anyone’s costume being scaled back because it’s $25 per bag to check luggage now? I’m seriously plotting a mix and match wardrobe of carry-on champions.

    And YES. KristieJ! MULLET MADNESS!

  5. 5
    Carrie Lofty says:

    Sarah, you were trying to think of an “I” word for bingo, yes? Insatiable!

    I’ll be wearing a top hat to the Mad Hatter Midnight Historical Tea Party on Wed at 11:55pm. So will 11 other historical authors. Come for the photo ops, stay for the awesome giveaways and snacks!

  6. 6
    Ben P says:

    Sounds like fun. SB Sarah, are you going to post a report on the Bad Boy Bingo?

    The contemporary romance deserve saving!

    On a side note: I asked my wife to romance my oboe and she hit me.

  7. 7

    The three things I absolutely can’t miss are the three workshops/parties I’m giving/a panelist… O_O Bad to miss those, right?

    Other than that?  Want to hit the UF panel that Jeaniene Frost is on, there is a plotting one I want to hit, although no matter how many plotting talks I hear, I still can’t plot out in advance to save my life, there’s another RS/thriller talk I want to here.  And I want to hang in the lounge w/friends.  Which, to me, is the best part…

    I don’t do costumes.  I wear black.  and a cloak.  and damn it.  I forgot to pack my cloak… must remedy….

  8. 8

    Of course your workshop is a can’t miss!  Along with the Beyond the Regency and Scotland panel I’m on Wednesday at 5 p.m. along with Carrie Lofty, Jade Lee, Sherry Thomas, Zoe Archer, and editor Megan Records.  Kristina Cook moderating.

    A little panicked about the packing thing.  I’m on a plane tomorrow, right?  (Yikes!) Shiloh, I’m with you.  You can’t go wrong with black!  Or, in my case, turquoise!

  9. 9
    Natalie L. says:

    I’m super-excited, if only because some of the authors I review are actually going to be there (I do SF/F), so I’ll get to meet them.  I have vague plans to attend some panels.  I’m not actually on any of them, but I expect to at least pipe up during the two SF/F panels.  And I’m going to all the parties, but not in costume—I don’t really do costumes.

    I was going to fly, but the prospect was making me increasingly panicky so I made the executive decision to go ahead and drive (and just write off the cost of the plane ticket as a learning experience).  Since making this decision, I have been feeling 100% better about the entire situation, so yay.  (Also, driving isn’t going to take any longer than flying once you take into account all the standing around and waiting you have to do at the airport.)

  10. 10
    KristieJ says:

    Natalie: I’m driving too.  This will be the first time I’ve driven this distance by myself and I’m a wee bit nervous – but this way I don’t have to live through take off and landing!

  11. 11
    SB Sarah says:

    Everyone needs to take special notice of Blythe Gifford’s shoes at RT. They invariably match her sweater, and they are faaaaabulous. I totally covet.

  12. 12

    LOL!  Thanks, Sarah!  Perhaps there’s a Mad Shoemaker’s Ball I can attend…

  13. 13

    @ Sarah—Yep, I had to jettison an Aztec-type headdress that would not, in any way, shape or form survive carry-on. Le sigh.

    @ Shiloh—*knuckle tap*  Black and more black. With t-shirts :)

    Hannah Howell and I are running a trivia contest at 3:45 Wednesday, which should be a blast. Also, we’re doing a scavenger hunt Weds through Saturday—bag at least 9 of 18 ‘prey’ authors, turn in their autographs to Hannah or me during the bookfair on Saturday, and you’re entered to win Kewlness. Prey lists will be widely available, or feel free to tackle me or Hannah (okay, you can tackle me, maybe just tap Hannah on the shoulder!) to get one.

    I’m always up for the Intergalactic Bar and Grill, and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party should be a hoot. And JR Ward and I are doing our Q&A free-for-all, which is usually pretty loud


    Safe travels, everyone!! To those who won’t be there, I have no doubt that the juicy goss—er, all relevant updates will be widely blogged, tweeted, FBed and Youtubed as warranted!

  14. 14
    Mary Stella says:

    I’m really interested in your Contemporary session.  Long live the contemporary romance!

    I plan to pick up some additional mystery and thriller workshops since the book I want to write incorporates more mystery/intrigue into the romance.

    I have drastically cut back on the wardrobe, mostly because I’m feeling very casual this year.  Shocker of shockers I actually have some nice, cropped jeans included in the clothing selection.

    Looking forward to seeing you, Sarah!

  15. 15
    Nat says:

    I’m there at RT now! The hotel is one of the nicest (and the BIGGEST) RT hotels to which I’ve been. Food court on bottom floor with Subway (which is not bad for fast food). Gym/pool functional and clean. My room is nice and big.

    No free internet though, which sucks in 2010. Smaller hotels do it, yo.

    I’m looking forward to the sweet, sweet madness that is RT. For a slice of steampunk goodness, come say hi on Friday 2:45pm. I’ll be on a steampunk panel captained by none other then Mark Henry. Mmm, steampunk and zombies.

  16. 16
    Kalen Hughes says:

    Did you every think that perhaps the iPad is attempting to create it’s own secret code? Of course you’d then have to an Ap in order to read it . . .

  17. 17
    Kalen Hughes says:

    buy. You’d have to BUY an Ap.

    Maybe I should make it a rule never to post before lunch. *sigh*

  18. 18

    I went to the RT conference in NYC many years ago, and to the one in Houston in 2000.  Both were totally FABULOUS!  (I had a lot of fun at the Vampire Ball; because of a back injury I couldn’t dance, so I watched from the sidelines and had a lot of fun because people kept coming up to me and asking if I’d see Soandso.  I said “She’s over there, in the black dress.”  Since 95% of the ball attendees were wearing black dresses, with the rest in dark red…I know, I was Very Bad.

    I’d love to attend another one, but they always seem to be held the same weekend as my major dog show.  Pity they can’t hold the dog show and the conference the same weekend in the same venue!

  19. 19

    I’m looking forward to the YA panels (there’s one that looks really good on Wednesday morning), the ones on e-books/rights, and marketing/promotion. I also want to go to the contemporary panel since that’s a genre I’m getting more and more into as a reader and something that I’m interested in writing.

    Natalie—I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one freaked out by the prospect of flying and all the hassle that goes along with it. Show me the interstate!

  20. 20
    Kim in Hawaii says:

    I invite all convention goers to …

    … stop by the SOS Table in Club RT.  Receive patriotic freebies plus enter to win one of four prizes from Hawaii!

    … attend the SOS Military Mixer on Saturday, May 1, 3:30 pm (see agenda for location).  Join other readers and authors as we salute military veterans and their family members.  Special thanks to the SOS sponsors:  Julie Miller, Sherry James, Robin Rotham, and Rebecca York

    SOS is Support Our Soldiers (SOS) America Inc.  SOS was created by Kathryn Falk, CEO of Romantic Times, as a means for romance readers to support military families.

    For those not attending RT, stay tuned to the SOS Blog, http://www.sosaloha.blogspot.com for “,after the party” giveaways!

  21. 21

    @ Jessica … LOL… I’m actually going to have a wee bit of color for my day wardrobe.  ;o)  I just don’t mess w/color (or costumes) for the rest of it.

    although, thinking back to my suitcase… most of my stuff is either mostly black… or lots of black…

    After drop the next 35 pounds, damn it, I’m going to buy a cute wardrobe.  with color.  and cuteness.  lots of cuteness.  wonder if I can do it before nationals.

  22. 22
    lambchop says:

    @Jennifer Estep-I bought Karma Girl at the RT in Pittsburgh, 2008. I really enjoyed it!

    I am heading down for the weekend only. Someday I will be able to do the whole con

    . Looking forward to seeing all of my favorite authors!

  23. 23
    Monique says:

    I urge everyone to go to Sarah’s sessions! You will learn so much. While, I’m not going to RT, I’m eager to hear about the contemporary romance talk. There just does not seem to be enough of those for our patrons!

    Thanks for the shout out, Sarah. It was great meeting you this weekend.

  24. 24
    holly says:

    I really wish you’d do the online/blog equivalent of your e-reader workshop! I’m hoping to get one for my birthday in August and I’m trying to get some idea of which is the best choice for me. It’s hard to find unbiased comparisons out there.

  25. 25

    @lambchop—Cool. Glad you enjoyed the book.

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