Buffy vs. Edward Remix Up for Webby Award

Way back in the day, Buffy vs. Edward: Twilight Remix was featured as a Friday Video. now it’s up for a Webby Award among the remixes and mashup videos. It’s up against Auto-Tune the News, which I also featured on Friday Videos. Man, I have some strange taste, it seems.

Voting ends tomorrow, 29 April, so if you want to go show Buffy some love, get on it soon.

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  1. 1
    Mama Nice says:

    Hmm….now I’m curious. I usually skip Friday videos, simply because I’m crunched for time – but now I think I need to “investigate and explore!”

    Oh someone please tell me what cartoon that is from…my brain just shot that out all on its own.

  2. 2
    JamiSings says:

    Eh, I’m waiting for a Blade VS Edward. Buffy isn’t hard core enough to beat Edward the way he deserves. Or maybe a LaCroix VS Edward.

    Heck, even Morgan Freeman as Dracula (from The Electric Company( VS Edward would be better.

    As you can see, I’m not a Buffy fan.

  3. 3
    JBHunt says:

    Oh, Jamisings, you wound me. I am a dedicated Buffy fangirl. You gotta love a gal who faces her demons … and then kicks their asses.

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