What’s Better Than 666?

What could be better or worse than 666? 999 – the total number of entries allowed by the tournament software. And we’re getting close to that number, much to our surprise and delight!

So heads up: bracket pick time ends tonight at 8pm EST – OR when we hit 999 entries, whichever comes first! As of 12:30 pm EST we had over 780 entries, so, in the words of philosopher and sage Larry the Cable Guy,  “Arrange the completion of your tasks post haste!”

Voting will begin tonight – YES TONIGHT – at midnight EST at the DABWAHA Blog, and there will be sets of multiple polls running for twelve hours so as to make all the time zones happy. We’re sluts for your time zones like that. You can test the polls here and check that your bracket has been uploaded, too.

Any questions – let’s hear ‘em. It’s almost time for Round 1!



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