Save the Contemporary Winners!

Hot diggity – the winners for the Save the Contemporary contest celebrating Julie James’ Something About You are up on the Save the Contemporary site.

I loved how many people tried the book based on our recommendation and loved it – that makes me so happy. If you have recommendations for a StC candidate book – and we prefer to highlight brand spanky new books so we’re looking for books that are coming soon – visit our Make a Recommendation page.


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    Kelly S says:

    Hmm, that might explain it.  I had submitted two postings of recommendations for save the contemporary.  I was told they were waiting moderation.  I figured you and Jane are super busy and/or it was lost in the ether or spam box, but maybe because it wasn’t for a new book?

  2. 2
    Becca says:

    If you can make recommendations for more books like Something About You, I’ll go broke, but I’ll be happy.

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    Cfarley says:

    Bought the last two books you recommeded—“Naked Edge” and “Something About You”.  Loved both of them and also noticed—discussing future thesis—thesi—theseses—ahem—is that the men in both of these books had very well developed and a tad more “realistic” characters than usual.  They were not nice, agreeable men.  Later heroic of course, but not at the start.  Great suggestions. xxoocf

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    Angus says:

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