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HaBO: Comic Store Owner!

Judy writes:

I have no idea how to Google for this book, because every time I search
“comic book store owner romance” I get links to the Comic Book Guy from
the Simpsons. So here goes!

I’m pretty sure it was published sometime in the last 5 years… So it’s
not too old of a book. But unfortunately I don’t remember too many details.
What I DO remember was the heroine owned a comic book store and the guy she
meets is some kind of computer game programmer, who invented a super
successful computer game. The primary drama is that someone is trying to
steal the guy’s new game idea, which is apparently worth a lot of money.
Mystery and sex ensue.

So it’s something along the lines of that… I hope you can help me! I’ve
been searching for awhile now… And I feel like the title is on the tip of
my tongue.

I so want to read this – like, holy Wolverine damn.


Help a Bitch Out

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    Hannah says:

    I feel like this might be a Katie MacAlister book? Possibly? If it is the one I’m thinking of, it’s called ‘Blow Me Down’ If no.t, then fail upon me.

  2. 2

    As an ebook author I feel duty-bound understand everything that goes down in the electronic publishing biblioverse, but I simply don’t. Stuff like this makes my jutting lip quiver until merciful folks like Buckell come along and cut it all up into chewable bites for me.

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    Jennie says:

    It sounds like Susan Johnson – Hot Spot

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